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Downside of a modern dad

Life is changing rapidly for fathers in our modern age. In order to be in tandem with parental roles in other parts of the world, we have no choice than spend time with our young ones whether they think that is cool or not. If reports from the Western world are anything to go by, not only do we have to spend time but actually make a booking with the kids in advance. According to child rights organisations, we should not think that children are just idle chaps with nothing to do with their time. They have games to play, music to listen to and TV to watch. And there is schoolwork too. Stuff for an idler? Not really. And so I am imagining going to Junior booking him for a lunch date in a city hotel. That is the stuff found in movies, or so I think.

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Picture a full grown African man saying the following: “Son, I know we have not had much time to catch up lately. You have been busy in school, at home with all the toys that need your attention besides listening to music on the phone. On the other hand, I have been busy making some money to ensure that your current lifestyle goes uninterrupted. I am proposing that, if at all possible, we set aside some time this Saturday afternoon to have a little chat. Sorry to disturb your busy schedule.”

My father would laugh his head off were this to happen. You see, the old man belongs to...guess... the old school of thought where summoning his son or any other family member was so abrupt that you would think the world was ending. To this end, we made sure that our daily paths were as far apart as possible. The only time we had a firm appointment was when he was taking me to the dentist for a tooth extraction. That was pain, nothing gained. The bottom line? Junior will have to dream on for a lunch date with me.


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