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Demystifying decor myths

Decor mythsA room must only have one metallic tone: Break the rule; mix silver and gold tones in your display cabinet. This allows for some adventure and adds sparkle and interest to your space.

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Floral and plaids can never be mixed: Well, we agreed last week that mixing patterns never harmed any décor. This is one of the best ways to add colour and infuse your personality into your décor. When mixing patterns, ensure they do not compete with one another and have different scales.

You can never mix décor styles: For your décor to stand out, an eclectic mix of styles is the way to go.

When placing your furniture, ensure they are symmetrical: I disagree and say that an asymmetrical arrangement will create interest in your room and emphasise your focal point. It also gives your room a casual feel.

Books are meant for the bookshelf: You can add colour and interest to a room using books. Place a stack of books on your coffee table or on a side table. For the daring ones, how about a stack of huge books serving as a side table?

Everything must match: I find this very boring. It is always better to complement than match.

Every couch must be lined against a wall: Plan your space properly and float your furniture for an outstanding effect.

Your décor must be trendy: If you want a purely contemporary space, it’s okay. Trends, however, run out of style fast. If you have to do it, add them in small pieces so that it can easily be replaced when they become out-dated.

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Stick to one décor style: This can be extremely boring. You cannot have all the rooms in your house with one look; let each of them be styled according to its function. For those who love travelling, you may have a collection of accessories from parts of Africa, China, India or even Japan. So if you stick to one style, which of these pieces do you display yet you love them all? Blending various styles gives your home a layered feel.

Small rooms must have ‘small’ furniture: Small furniture will make your small room look even smaller. Do not fit your small room with several small pieces of furniture; instead, get one or two large ones to make the room appear larger.

Dark ceilings will make your room look shorter/smaller: A coloured ceiling will add texture, sophistication and drama to your room. You can always make your space appear larger by using decorative mirrors.

You must only have one focal point: With your four walls, each can stand out in its own way and become a focal point. There could be the fireplace, a stunning mirror on another wall and a grand piece of art on another; why not infuse your style by making them all your focal points.

White is boring: These spaces can be tranquil. Use varying shades of white to add warmth to your space if you settle for the colour.

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