Cynthia Nyamai shares on why she finds her car pratical and her love for speed - Evewoman

Cynthia Nyamai shares on why she finds her car pratical and her love for speed

Cynthia NyamaiWhat type of a car do you drive?

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A Volkswagen Touareg.

What do you call your car?

I am not one of those who gets oversentimental with a car and so I do not have a name for it. As long as it can take me from point A to B, I am happy.

What stuff have you added to your car to add some of your individual personality?

I just make sure my car is always clean, smells good and always has a constant supply of tissue (mostly wet wipes). I stock such because I often have many meetings and I am forced to eat in my car as I transition to the next meeting.

What girly stuff do you carry in your car?

I do not like to carry stuff in my car, as I do not like clutter. But when I have a busy day that begins at around 6am and goes on until late in the evening, I carry my gym clothes and an evening dress. Show me someone whose car is cluttered and I assure you that they have a cluttered house and life.

 What do you love most about your car?

It is super-fast. On a good day, it takes me 25 minutes to drive to Athi River to visit my mother. I also love the fact that it is comfortable and practical, yet classy. I had a Mercedes before this one and although it looked good, it was not practical and could not handle tough terrain.

Approximately how much do you spend on your car in a month?

(Laughs) It varies from month to month, depending on my commitments and their distance.

Do you know how to change a tyre?

I know how to change one but I find it to be such hustle. I would rather pay a bystander to help me and luckily, Kenyan men are kind to a lady in distress.

When did you have your first puncture?

I started driving immediately after high school, as my dad wanted us to be independent. I will never forget when I had my first puncture. I had just come from class when I noticed it. I called my dad, but he was not able to leave his office to come all the way to my school to fix my tyre. Some of my classmates helped me.

Are you a manual or automatic kind of girl?

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My first car was manual, so I can drive both. An automatic car is, however, easier and more convenient to drive, especially for a long distance.

Do you feel that you current car represents you?

Yes it does. It looks good, but it is also practical, comfortable and affordable. I am a practical girl.

Driving in Nairobi is no easy feat and people often have a different personality when they are behind the wheel. What is your experience?

 Many people say I drive like a man and that I am mean to matatus (laughs). Whenever I give friends or family members a lift, they are shocked and claim that I am a different person when I am behind the wheel.

 Are you a speed hog?

I love speed and cannot stand slow drivers. Step on it! I am a speed junky. In fact, I hope to one day race in the safari rally.

What is your greatest pet peeve about driving in Nairobi?

I cannot stand it when I am driving behind someone who is driving slowly and when I pass them, I notice that they are busy on their phone. It is so unsafe to use your phone when driving. I also cannot stand people who drive when they are drunk. It is crazy that the government has to spend money to force people to be responsible. A car is a powerful tool that can kill you if you are careless.

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