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Valentine's Day sends lovers to Google for love tips

Lovers go to Google for tipsDo you know what your spouse is scouring the Net for to make this Valentine’s Day memorable?

A survey done this week by Google indicates that in the first three days of this month, most searches on Google encapsulate a theme synonymous with February: ‘Love’

“People searched for Valentine’s messages and quotes that they can send their loved ones: love movies, flowers, as well as hotels where they can share romantic moments together,” says Dorothy Ooko, Google Kenya’s Communications and Public Affairs Manager.

She further informs that dating sites were frequented both in January and February, perhaps as many prepared for the upcoming Valentine’s Day that falls on Friday next week.


Joseph Marwa, a radio presenter, says he searched for what women like and tips to surprise ‘her’.

“It’s a special season and all of us want to impress and do a commendable job with gifts and tips for the day. I wanted to find out what ladies value in a relationship,” he says.

Ladies, too, were not left behind.  Nelima Kerario searched for “what men like for gifts, what expectations women have for Valentine’s, and more so, why much hype on a day that won’t end one’s present troubles?”

The survey by Google shows that many Kenyans were keen on finding out the most exhilarating Valentine’s quotes such as: “A kiss is something you cannot give without taking and cannot take without giving.”

The first five most entered phrases were flower names, love statuses, love quotes and 123 Love.

This, Dorothy explains, was expected, as February is mostly about all things romance.

Many others searched for contriving suggestions. For instance, the survey shows that there was considerable stream online for subjects related to beauty and physical appeals.

Net suffers looked up for ‘E-pill advice, Nigerian hairstyles and Bangla love,’ which made it to the first ten searches. This signified that some searchers are planning for various ways of intimacy with a special someone over Valentine’s.

To sum it up, other online trotters searched for  ‘Abysimo de passion, Love express movies, and Valentine’s messages.’

According to Marwa, many couples are probably thinking about how to cook her (or his) favourite meal, as well as how to plan a romantic evening with their spouse.

As love takes over the human psyche, it has emerged that it’s a beautiful and healthy part of humanity.

A study done last year in May, reports that when people are with their spouses or partners, their blood pressure lowers slightly to healthy ranges.

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“The lowering was not a big difference, but it’s significant,” Brooks Gump, the author of the study told America’s ABC News in an interview.


Gump, an assistant professor of psychology at the State University of New York says comfort and familiarity around each other, even at moments of intense animosity, plays a role towards wellbeing.

Roberta Kithimba, a showbiz personality in Nairobi, confesses that she looks forward to reconnecting with her husband at the close of business each day.

“There is nothing I would love more than spending time with the one that I love. The feeling is simply amazing; to have someone ask you ‘how was your day?’ This is the only person I can spend time with and not feel the pressure of maintaining a conversation — we can just spend time and I am at peace with myself,” she says.

The feeling of being loved and loving someone back raises the meniscus in the barometer of health and wellbeing. This is at least true, according to Sheila Wachira, a Kenyan relationship’s expert.

She says: “Love is a phenomenon that has never been fully described. It is influenced intrinsically and less attached to the tangible. What we have discovered, though, is that it has a profound effect on what and how a person feels.”

Are there people who believe in the intensity of love?


Yes, and Kenyan comedian cum radio presenter JB Masanduku attests to this. The love of his life, a fellow radio personality — the sassy and attractive Tina Kaggia — has taken him on trip to cloud nine.

“What I feel when I am around Tina is way beyond my ability to describe with words. It’s like I am in an icebox — it’s a feeling that can’t go away unless you solve it,” says the comedian.

He recounts one time Tina brought him ‘magical healing’: “I was having a bad day at work. Plans weren’t flowing as I went about looking for ideas for my show. I was depressed and aloof when she came into the office. I felt the confusion and pain dissipate away.”

Like some magic voodoo, JB was back to his usual spirit. For these two love birds, everyday is Valentine’s Day.

 According to Sheila, this isn’t all abracadabra and magic. “Love does cure a lot — literally,” she says. “Love acts like a buffer to the many tragedies of life. People go through stressful experiences; it’s the nature of life. At their lowest moments, people will feel lightened up when that person they love is there for them.”

When the mind realigns back to normal, the odds of physical, social and even emotional angst go down incredibly, says the expert.

After being in love for seven years, five of which she has spent married to her soulmate, Daphne Okonji, a mother of two, says the feeling of being in love is still ‘majestic’.

It filled the hiatus that she had at one point in her life.


“Being in love makes me feel secure and stable,” she says, adding, “It is the best feeling ever. Because of my relationship with my husband, life has been much happier and easier — even for our business. Couples in love who run a business together experience great success, and love plays a big role in that success.”

Another report, from America’s National Institute of Medicine, which looked at the correlation between health and social behavior, found that intimate relationships added years to one’s life.

So far, there are no local surveys to corroborate these findings. However, there are Kenyans who are contented as a result of having a life-long spouse around them.

Altruistic, profound, vulnerable, insanity — or whatever else you want to call it; experts agree that love can save you a heart attack.

Spend time with the one you love and enjoy the health benefits.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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