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Perfect face to get heads turning

The difference between an everyday look and that wow look can be achieved in these easy steps.

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Start with primer

Professionals understand the value of a smooth, even toned canvas to execute a flawless result. Long before they apply foundation, they use a professional skin primer to eliminate shine, fill in fine lines and pores, so the foundation glides on like butter and lasts longer.

Use the right foundation

Find the right foundation to match your undertone and find the right formulation for your skin type. For some women, cream to powder is their holy grail, for others it’s a liquid formula and yet others prefer a fuller-coverage stick foundation. Don’t be afraid to experiment until you find your perfect one.

Keep two shades of foundation

Weather changes may cause our skin to darken or lighten from one week to the next. You also need two shades to accurately capture the graduated hues of our skin. African skin has two distinct shades on any given day. We have a natural highlight on our foreheads, chins, cheekbones and noses, and a naturally deeper contour on our temples, hairline, jawline and sides of the nose. If you master the application of your two similar shades, your foundation will look like you, not like a mask.

Use professional tools

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If you want to look like a masterpiece invest in proper brushes and sponges. The results are vastly different.

Don’t be afraid of blusher

Just be sure to get one in the right shade for you. Experiment with fuchsia, tangerine, plum, berry and gold. Paired with bronzer it creates a head-turning catwalk-ready finish. The key is to use sparingly so that you don’t look like a clown.

Use bronzer

Used to contour under the cheekbones and along the temple, it creates a supernatural glow and sleek, sculpted features. Bronzer can also be used on the neck and bust line.

Perfect your brows

For a professional look, your brows must be well groomed. Eliminate stray hairs by plucking, tweezing or threading.

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