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Benefits of using castor oil on your hair

Castor oilLast week, we looked at the benefits of coconut oil. Today we focus on castor oil.

• Castor oil can stop hair loss caused by chemicals, styling or fungal infection. Massaging a bit of the oil into your scalp and roots, leaving it for about an hour or two before rinsing it, will ensure that you control hair loss. Castor oil has ricinoleic acid, which protects your hair and stimulates blood circulation to your scalp.

• Want your hair to grow in weeks? Castor oil it is. Using the oil on your scalp regularly will boost the circulation of blood to your hair follicles, leading to hair growth. The oil also has omega-6 essential fatty acids that help to grow healthy hair. For best results, apply the oil on your hair and scalp then cover it with a shower cap. The cap ensures deep penetration of the oil. Leave it overnight then rinse off the next day.

• Nothing is as frustrating as scalp infection. They cause itchy scalp and bald patches on the scalp, which can stagnate the growth of your hair. Castor oil’s antibacterial and antifungal properties will help stop this problem. For best results and to rid your scalp of infections, apply it on your scalp on a regular basis.

• The vitamin E, omega-6 fatty acids and amino acids in castor oil help prevent split ends and breakage of hair. When applied to the hair, it penetrates into the scalp, smoothening out rough hair cuticles. Ensure you spread the oil on your hair evenly then rinse it off after a few hours.

• Castor oil is a good moisturiser since the omega-9 acids in it locks moisture in the hair and scalp. Apply it on your hair 15 minutes before you shampoo it to ensure your hair stays smooth and soft. Alternatively, you can add the oil to your regular hair treatment product to enjoy its benefits. As part of your routine hair conditioning, apply a drop or two of castor oil in your hair every night. 

• Castor oil helps get rid of dandruff. Apply the oil in the affected parts of your scalp and allow it to stay for a few minutes. Wash it off.

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