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Pink power

What additions have you made to your car to give it a personal touch?

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I have pink car mats, pink accessories, pink everything. I am all about branding after all.

What girly stuff do you carry in your car?

 I have a vanity case with all the necessities. There are plenty of wipes and tissues for the baby.

What do you love about your car?

The fact that it can get me from point A to B easily. I love my music too.

How much do you approximately spend on your car in a month?

With the volatile fuel prices it is hard to say, but it is crazy with things not being so cheap.

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Are you an automatic or manual kind of girl?

I started out on manual, but now more cars are automatic, so I’m going with the trend.

What is your experience like driving in Nairobi?

 I try to avoid busy roads as I cannot take the traffic anymore, but I think I am a pretty good driver.

Are you a speed hog or the ‘never in a hurry’ type driver on the road?

I am easy breezy, but I appreciate road courtesy.

What is your dream car?

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A Buggatti Veyron. That is if money was no object and the roads were fantastic.

What advice would you give to a new car owner?

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Love your car and care for it, before you know it, you will be upgrading.

Do you prefer to drive yourself or do you have a chauffeur?

I drive myself, but when the need arises, I get a driver.

If you were stranded on a highway with a puncture, what would you do to get help?

 I would like to think that I would don my emergency daisy dukes and stop traffic to get help, but I have a cellphone so I would call my husband, who always has a solution to everything.

What is the worst experience you have had with your car?

 I was once driving down the highway when my bonnet flew up and hit the windscreen. That was not fun.

What song do you get carried away listening to in your car?

Any song with good beats that sets the mood right. I would probably be singing it out loud.

What do you do to kill time while in traffic?

Pump up the volume on my radio or work on my phone.

What car do you have eyes on at the moment?

I love a Merc but the new look Range Rovers are sexy too. But I am in love with the car I am driving at the moment.


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