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How to succeed this year

How to succeed in 2014With January almost gone, it’s time to get into the serious business of 2014. That is if you haven’t yet. No more excuses, the New Year is not new anymore! The pertinent question is, what value are you going to add to 2014?

 There are many who will drift through this year, doing the same things they did last year and hoping for a different result. But you know by now that doesn’t work. You can only achieve different results if you have a different mindset.


I had a conversation with one of my mentors recently and relearnt a truth from him that I have chosen to take to heart. The people who go the farthest in life are those who deliberately set out to add value to others.

It doesn’t make immediate sense at first, does it? It’s more natural to believe that the way to succeed is to always put my interests first. ‘What’s in it for me?’ ‘How can I benefit the most in this situation?’ It’s more natural to let others solve their own problems except when we can see how helping out will directly benefit us.

 Adding value to others is as simple as listening keenly to what problems they are facing and sharing solutions with them. Perhaps they are thinking of starting a business and you can introduce them to a friend who already has an established business in the same line. Perhaps they are struggling with a problem and you can pass on a book about the subject. Perhaps you can mentor a new employee. Perhaps there’s something that really bothers you about the work culture where you are employed and you want to make a difference. I once listened to a talk by former Kenya Wildlife Service CEO Dr Julius Kipngetich where he offered some practical wisdom to the newly employed.

When you start working in a company, your first agenda should be to decide when you will leave that particular job and determine what positive change you will have brought by the time you write your resignation letter.

 The term entrepreneur comes to mind. Entrepreneurs are people who create solutions in businesses that they own and create solutions where they are employed.

Even if working for someone else, don’t just fill in your hours and wait for the weekend. Don’t just do what’s always been done. Create ways to do things better for your employer and gain a name as a solution provider!

 It’s been said that average people see difficulty in every opportunity but great people see opportunity in every difficulty.

It’s time to rise up and be distinguished above those who are always wishing that life dealt them a better hand. It’s time to be different from all the disgruntled complainers around you.  Whether you work for yourself or for someone else, determine this year to be a solution provider!

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