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Six common character traits of classy women


When stepping out, you think about how you look since you know most people you encounter during your daily activities judge your character by looking at you. This means you worry about the clothes you wear, the makeup you put on and even the accessories and bags you carry around. Looking good has always been associated with class and as it goes, classy women command respect wherever they go.

Being or looking classy is not about how much money you spend on the car you drive or where you purchase your wardrobe. Class is not about socio-economic standing and is barely measured by one’s bank account. It is more of being stylish, superior and elegant; respectable and lovely. It is also being noticed without trying too hard to catch attention.

As it goes, classy women exhibit certain habits and can easily be picked out from a crowd. Some of the common traits you’ll find amongst these highly desirable women are;

1. Talks less, listens more

There’s something about people who want to dominate all conversations. Firstly, they believe they have something more important to say than anyone else and want everyone to bow to their sentiments. Secondly, they lock other people out of conversations that would otherwise be enlightening. Listening to others makes you an easy person to approach and people can share their ideas with you. It also shows that you think about others, other than yourself.

2. Knows her worth

This worth mentioned here does not really mean in terms of material wealth but rather of self. A woman of class doesn’t need the people around her to tell her what value she adds to the environment she is in, whether at work or at home. She understands her level of contributions and most importantly, she respects herself first before others.

3. Has posture

People can tell how you are feeling by looking at your overall body posture. Walking with your head bent and shoulders humped at all times makes you look like you don’t fit. It shows that you lack confidence in whatever you are doing and drives all the qualities of an admirable classy woman away. Keep your back straight and your shoulders back and well, people will put more confidence in you.

4. Owns up to her mistakes

Being wrong is human and people understand that. Owning up to one’s mistakes makes them easier to work or live with while refusal to acknowledge one’s errors makes it hard to relate with them. People around you respect you more when they know they can look upon you and know that if things don’t work out, you will not be shouting and pointing fingers. Being humble and apologizing for wrongs makes you a better person, one who people can admire.

5. Does not explain herself

If people around you want to know who you are and why you do the things you do, they can learn that from watching you or the results of your actions. Going out of your way to explain to people why you live the way you do comes out like attention seeking. After all, you cannot spend your entire life tiring to tell everyone you meet who you are; half of them will not even get it. From nosy co-workers to the folks back at home, do not sacrifice your confidence by stopping to explain to people who you are not even accountable for.

6. Is Well Groomed

Nothing spells class out loudly than a woman who puts effort to be clean. Not to be confused with spending money to buy expensive stuff, cleanliness can be simple and inexpensive and still look great. A woman who cleans up herself comes across as one who is in charge of whatever her life takes her through. This cleanliness does not apply to the physical element only but to the environment and inner being too.

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