Diana Marua and H_art the Band.

Hate or love him, Bahati has displayed character in the amount of work and strategic planning he is willing to invest to market his 10 song album Love like this.

In his latest video release, Sweet Darling in which he features Burundian vocalist Sat B, the EMB boss features his wife Diana Marua as his vixen as he dedicates the tune to couples in love. 

The video opens with a scene in which Diana wakes us to flowers and a love note on her bed. She then walks on the trail of petals and candles on a hallway leading to the living area. Here, she gets her surprise as H_Art strum and hums the lyrics to the song before her hubby creeps from behind, leading to an intimate scene by the two lovebirds.


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According to H_Art, they were caught unawares and had no idea about the video shooting when they showed up at Bahati's door that chilly morning.

"He called us before and told us he wants to do something special for his wife," they divulge. "We really had no idea what it was but he let us know that Diana is our huge fan." After agreeing on the variables and transferring the agreed amount to their account, they set to meet the next day.

On arrival, he requested the boy group to sing Diana a song off his album, and after a few minutes of rehearsing, they set out for the living room, where she walks into them, and cameras start rolling.

"We really didn't know it was a video shoot. We thought it was just a surprise to be captured for the gram." says Mordecai Dex.

"Truth is, the shots and reactions were as real as it gets. It seemed like we fell for a prank with hidden cameras all-over," Kenchez Muya adds.

With indications hinting that there could be a collabo in the offing, the group acknowledges that his strategy is one for the books.

"He was 'generous' with the amount he settled for our special appearance but most importantly is the attitude he is using to push his songs," Skoko Abednego, the band's poet, says. 

Sweet Darling has so far garnered over 350,000 views a day after its release.