Diana Marua had dropped hints that their marriage could be on the rocks. Photo: Courtesy.

For the past couple of days, rumours have been swirling that celebrity power couple Diana and Bahati’s marriage could be on the rocks. This after she dropped hints that all might not be well between her and the father of her two children. She unfollowed the singer on Instagram before deleting their pictures together. Diana later shared a photo of a black rose which usually signifies a new beginning or mourning.

“Sometimes you have to unfollow people in real life. God bless my next chapter,” she captioned the image.

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On December 2, she promised to tell her side of the story at 10am today, with fans eager to find out what’s happening keeping tabs on her Instagram and YouTube accounts. However, when the time came, Diana shared a poster of an upcoming collaboration with Bahati, proving that their ‘breakup’ was a publicity stunt geared towards hyping the song titled Mtaachana Tu. In the song’s thumbnail image, the couple is seen with makeup making them appear significantly older, perhaps insinuating that they’ll grow old together.

“Many wished to see it over...Drops today at 12pm sharp! This is my first ever collabo... Subscribe to Bahati Kenya YouTube channel to join the premier!” she wrote.


TrapiconKe Mkiachana for real people will think it’s a prank.

Sellah Khayanga I love you guys...I always pray for the best for you... Nothing will ever separate you loves. Only death can do that. I love you so so so much.

Scolastica Njambi Sisi kama kamati we are not happy.

Bilha Cherop I knew it was a prank.

Emmah Comedy Bloggers, thank you for making my life miserable this week.

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Publicity stunts

Bahati and Diana now join a growing list of Kenyan musicians who turn to publicity stunts to hype upcoming songs. Staging weddings is one of the go-to stunts that has been pulled off by singer-cum philanthropist Akothee and Willy Paul.  Four years ago, Akothee led many fans into assuming she'd wedded a Caucasian man after sharing photos wearing a wedding gown. The photos turned out to be for an upcoming single, Yuko Moyoni. Willy Paul and Alaine followed suit for their collaboration, I Do.

Akothee at her 'wedding'. Photo: Courtesy.

Magix Enga, on the other hand, hyped a project by falsely claiming he’d been arrested while Femi One faked being pregnant for Nvirii The Storyteller days before releasing Kipetero Kiyesu. Gospel musician Masterpiece opted to wear a dress, creating heated debate before releasing Nikupee featuring Khaligraph Jones.

Masterpiece wearing a dress. Photo: Courtesy.