The tattoo on Mourinho's wrist [Photo: Getty Images Europe]

The tattoo artist who inked Tottenham Hotspurs boss Jose Mourinho has revealed the story behind the Portuguese's tattoo - and how he originally chickened out of getting it done.

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Mourinho went under the needle in 2013, when Scott Maclaren, the owner of the Fulham Tattoo Centre inked 'Tami' - Jose's nickname of his wife Matilde - and his children's names on his left wrist. But Maclaren has now revealed that Mourinho had previously promised Matilde that he was going to get the tattoo done alongside her in LA in 2011, only for him to lose his bottle at the last minute. Matilde had hers done and was not impressed that her husband failed to follow suit.

Mourinho got his tattoo done at the Fulham Tattoo Centre [Photo: fulhamtattoocentre/Instagram]

“So, fast-forward two years later and he's back in LA for preseason with Chelsea. A mate of mine works for Chelsea, I’ve done some tattoos for him, and Mourinho asked him where he gets his tattoos designed. My mate recommended me, so Mourinho told him to book an appointment for when he came back because he owes his wife!” Mourinho faced his fear this time out and got the tattoo done.

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“He was really nervous, he didn’t say much other than ask if it was going to hurt," Maclaren continued. "It was an honour to have him in the shop though and help him smooth things over with his wife."

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