Netflix. (Courtesy)

World's largest streaming service Netflix will no longer be supporting the Swahili subtitle language on its films and series two years after introducing the service.

In a statement sent to its subscribers via email, Netflix stated the move was necessitated at providing viewers with a better local experience while watching the movies. 

"As of July 30, 2021, we will no longer be supporting the Swahili language on your Netflix experience while we work to provide a better local experience to help you enjoy the movies and TV shows you love," read part of the email.

However, Netflix clarified it would continue to be available in English and other languages.

"Netflix will continue to be available in English and many other languages, this will include providing some of your favorite local and international entertainment in Swahili in the future," added Netflix.  

Despite Netflix's reason for discontinuing the Swahili subtitles service, many Kenyans believe the streaming platform came to its decision due to the many complaints raised on Twitter.

When Netflix first introduced the service in May 2019, several Kenyans took to Twitter and trolled the platform for poor Swahili translations.

According to the screenshots shared by Kenyans, it seems the translations were completely horrendous and downright laughable. 

A number of Kenyans even requested Netflix to switch off the subtitles or mend the translations as they mislead many viewers.