Trust your instinct [Photo: Shutterstock]

Are you single and ready to mingle? Take heed of the old adage "What doesn't break you makes you stronger" - after all, every experience comes with a lesson - be it good or bad. Here are five past partners you should have learnt from.

1. The cheat 

If there's any past partner you should have learnt from, it's the cheat. Remember those telltale signs and excuses your ex used when out playing around? Always follow your instinct.

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2. The controller

There's plenty to learn from a controlling ex, for a start, never let someone else make your decisions for you. Whether they isolated you from your friends or implemented curfews, someone that controls your actions is not worth it and can leave you lonely and vulnerable.

3. The clingy partner

When you start dating someone new, it's easy to find yourself caught in your own bubble - blocking out close friends and family. Avoid making this mistake again by saving time for others around you.

4. The liar

Whether a compulsive liar or one that tells irritating white lies - a lying lover is not someone you want in your life. If you find out they've lied on their profile about something important - like a job, wife or kids - be wary. Likewise, if they just sound too good to be true, or are acting shady - report them.

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5. The user

Whether you felt like the only one making the effort, spent all your money on them - with no appreciation - or always made the effort to see them - there's something to learn. Keep your eyes peeled for signs - and don't let them take advantage of you.