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Nothing beats Chinese food
Why China is a preferred destination for travellers yearning for the unknown
When Easter was Easter
New scam in restaurants -Why pay cash for take-away meals yet use credit cards for eat-in meals?
I am not mad at fake Maasais
Whatever happens in America affects everyone else
The pain of being barred from entering the US
Expat Talk The American inauguration tradition
Corruption and alcoblow are no big deal
Bad hair day at the salon
It’s annoying to deal with a clueless shop attendant
Jogging my memory during a morning run
Are we going to decorate Christmas trees or university graduates?
First timer: The drivers in Nairobi are rough- Singer Ammi, Carribean King
Expat talk: Are high walls intended to hide or protect people?
Expat talk: The experience of raising my son in Africa
Expat talk: Kool and the gang were oh so cool
Expat talk: Stan of Brown Music Band could serenade me all day
Expat talk: US election is over, accept and move on
In Nairobi, road signs are but 'decorations'
We have nothing to fear, but Trump himself
Expat talk: I rode a mat, acted as conductor and lived to tell
Expat talk: Convenience life-style is quickly cropping up in Kenya
Expat talk: It’s ‘bad manners’ to look into the barber’s eyes during a shave
Expat talk: Club 1900 was the place to be in the 70’s
Expat talk: Thanks to bypasses, it’s a smooth ride all the way
Expat talk: The 8-4-4 system can be fun
Expat talk: Is there any grass in South C?
Expat talk: Karen and Lavington are worlds apart
Expat talk: Don’t leave your baby with a stranger
Expat talk: The complexity of race in Brazil
Expat talk: Let the drooling, ah games, begin!
Hooray! Nairobi is lighting up
I weep for my motherland
Facebook is the new Big Brother
Black and White society in America.
Will Smith amazed me with his Naija accent
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