'Dressed' for the occassion? Kenyans try to outdo each other in 'Githeri Man' fashion

Some of the voters captured on election day. [Courtesy, Twitter]

In a move many view as trying to become online sensations during this general elections, various Kenyans have pulled stunts similar to Martin Kamotho aka Githeri Man who later became a national hero during the 2017 General Election and got awarded the Head of State Commendation.

Several voters have been captured at queuing at various polling stations in abnormal attires including mane just wrapped in towels around their waists.

One of such clout chasers is Jamal Victor Ochouk who was caught up by our KTN New reporter Willy Lusige at Jomo Kenyatta Grounds polling station in Kisumu. Ochouk was draped in pink towel only and a blue toothbrush in his mouth.

"I stay far from here where I registered as a voter. The guy we came with called me hurriedly to leave home and since I was not dressed, we had to leave immediately. That is how I ended up here like this". Said the middle-aged dreadlocked man.

The video that has since gone viral has elicited various reaction with some claiming the subject is chasing clout.

"You will get us branded 'nudity media' and the way we have struggled shaking of the 'Githeri media' tag" warned fellow journalist Sharon Barang'a.

"Chairman, huyo nidye Towel- man sasa?' wondered Meshack Lumumba.

A voter queue to cast his vote with a towel on his waist. [Courtesy, Twitter]

Pictured in a queue firmly grasping his githeri (a mixture of beans and maize), Kamotho went about his business oblivious of his surroundings as he waited to vote.

In yet another funny picture doing rounds on social media, a man was captured queuing at an unidentified polling station with a half a kg packet of ugali, two eggs, a tomato and what looks like a quarter a liter of liquid cooking oil wrapped in a polythene bag.

In the picture, the middle-aged man looks unperturbed as he waits patiently for his time to cast his ballot.

"This man doesn't know what awaits him. The polythene papers carrier bag he his holding is a ban items". Warned Isaac Ngeleyo.

"Attention seeking" Gerald Cheruiyot commented on the tweet share by Standard Digital.

In yet another image of an unidentified man was captured with a brown towel wrapped on his waist and a black t-shirt tucked in the towel queuing and at a polling station.

Same way, a man is since munching on several pieces of bread while on the other hand holding the remaining pack of loaf while also waiting for his turn to vote.

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