Fuel prices go down in latest EPRA review

Kenyans will pay lesser for fuel in the next 30 days than they did in the past month in the latest prices announced by the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA).

Between October 15 and November 14, the prices of Petrol and Kerosene have gone down by Sh1 while the price of Diesel has gone down by Sh2.

In Nairobi, a litre of Petrol will go for Sh178.30, Diesel (Sh163) and Kerosene (Sh146.94).

EPRA in a statement released on Friday, October 14 said the new prices came about following the decreased landing cost of fuel.

The new prices are in place for the next 30 days after which EPRA will give new prices. The announcement which will be made on November 14, 2022, may see the prices go up, reduce further or remain the same.

The Petroleum Development Levy (PDL) by the government has continued to cushion Kenyans occasioning the price drop.

EPRA in its statement says if PDL was not in place then Kenyans would have paid Sh18.15 more for Diesel and Sh27.47 more for kerosene.

In August Petrol import prices decreased by 10.60 per cent; diesel by 6.87 per cent and kerosene by 1.82 per cent.

In Nakuru, a litre of petrol will sell at Sh177.62; diesel (Sh162.83); kerosene Sh146.79.

In Eldoret, a litre of petrol will retail at Sh178.50; diesel (Sh163.72) and kerosene (Sh147.67).

In Kisumu, a litre of petrol will go for Sh178.50; diesel (Sh163.70) and kerosene (Sh147.66).

In Mombasa, a litre of petrol will be sold at Sh175.98; diesel (Sh160.76) and kerosene (Sh144.69).

In Kisii, a litre of petrol will retail at Sh179.37; diesel (Sh164.58) and kerosene (Sh148.55).

In Garissa, a litre of petrol will go for Sh182.47; diesel (Sh167.17) and kerosene (Sh151.11).

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