What to do in a toxic workplace

Three in five workers experience poor mental health due to distressing situations at work, according to recent research by the Australian Council of Trade Unions. 

Unfortunately, most of us are forced to deal with uncivil workmates or bosses who drain our energy and complicate our work. We feel stuck working in a toxic environment with limited options to make things better.

Your ability to deal with difficult managers and employees will have a significant impact on your career. You, therefore, need to not only identify toxic people but also learn how to cope with them or protect yourself.

First, you should not take part in office gossip as it often leads to other problems such as arguments and physical altercations. You can avoid gossip by simply walking away or deflecting it.

You also need to incorporate activities that give you a break from work during the day. This includes going out for lunch or taking a walk during breaks.

After work, do something that helps you relieve stress such as going to the gym.

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Never carry work home unless it is extremely important.

Finally, always seek clarifications instead of letting misunderstandings develop into problems.

If there are issues, make sure you address them immediately with the concerned parties instead of keeping them to yourself. 

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