eKitabu unveils challenge for Kenyan Publishers through content development, Raila in-attendance

Raila Odinga at the Nairobi International Book Fair
Nasa leader Raila Odinga on Thursday attended the launch of eKitabu challenge targeting Kenyan publishers towards content development which will be incorporated in reading materials for learners with disabilities.

Raila challenged writers and publishers to invest invest in e-books and audio books.

“I visited the Nairobi International Book Fair this morning and appealed to publishers to invest in E-books and audio books. I also challenged writers and publishers to publish and sponsor debates on national challenges like corruption and tribalism,” he said.

The digital curriculum provider (eKitabu) is partnering with Ministry of Education, UNICEF and other key stakeholders in launching a Content Development Challenge (CDC) a move that is believed to motivate publishers in coming up with high quality materials for these learners.

The challenge is aimed at empowering learners with disabilities access to quality reading materials well as promoting publishers in developing quality reading materials for all students.

The winner will receive prizes also accessing the templates tailored for eKitabu in publishing their works. They will too have access to practical materials provided by the digital curriculum provider.

Will Clurman, CEO and Co-founder eKitabu affirms, ‘‘Sustainability of publishing in Kenya is our focus in this new initiative with local publishers, Kenya Publishers Association, and All Children Reading—A Grand Challenge for Development. The Content Development Challenge will encourage innovation by recognizing and rewarding excellence for quality, early grade, digital reading materials that are accessible for all learners, including learners with disabilities, leaving no one behind.”

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All entries are to be submitted at toolkit.ekitabu.com as from September to January 2019 with prizes such as cash rewards for those publishers who will produce digital books that are accessible in categories of 1st runners up and 2nd runners up positions set to be awarded on June 2019 in a grande prize giving ceremony.

Attending Nairobi International Book Fair earlier Thursday, Chairman Lawrence Njagi commented, “Kenya has a vibrant publishing community full of original ideas and authorship. The Content Development Challenge will incentivize the best Kenyan creativity to achieve equity, quality, and inclusivity in Kenyan education through accessible digital content.”

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