High profile Kenyans targeted as courts rake billions in corruption cases

President Uhuru Kenyatta

Kenyans may soon witness high-profile prosecutions in the fight against corruption, abuse of office and breach of the Constitution.

President Uhuru Kenyatta asked investigating and prosecuting agencies as well as the Judiciary to fully join him in the fight.

During his State of the Nation address on Wednesday, the President tabled a detailed report in Parliament, asking the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC), Office of the Director Public Prosecutions (DPP) and the Judiciary to “walk the talk”.

As required by law, the report on governance and national values gives an elaborate account of what these institutions have done to stop corruption, painting a sorry state of affairs within the state agencies.


The large number of corruption cases is best illustrated by the Judiciary’s stunning revenue collection amounting to Sh1.9 billion and cash court deposits amounting to Sh4 billion from the cases.

Leading by example, in the last one year, the Judiciary, through the Judicial Service Commission (JSC), investigated 44 complaints against judges and other judicial officers and staff.

According to the report, 62 corruption and integrity cases were resolved in all magistrates’ court stations.

“In addition, the Milimani Anti-corruption and Economic Crimes Division of the High Court determined a total of 20 major corruption cases,” reads the report.

Separately, the office of the Judiciary Ombudsman received 3,005 complaints of which 2,235 (75 per cent) were processed and closed.

The EACC, on its part, recovered and returned to the public corruptly acquired assets worth Sh457 million and Sh29 million in cash, representing a 15 per cent increase in recoveries compared to the previous reporting period.

“The commission also instituted civil proceedings in court for the recovery of assets valued at Sh 143.8 million and filed 15 applications in court to preserve assets valued at approximately Sh6 billion suspected to have been corruptly acquired,” reads the President’s report.

“Those days when you could enjoy public goods without fear that action may be taken against you, are gone,” said President Kenyatta in his address.

He asked the Judiciary to ensure orders are not frivolously used by the wealthy and corrupt individuals to avoid justice.

“I urge MPs to give us the legal tools we need to win the war against the lords of graft,” he said. National Assembly Minority Leader John Mbadi, however, faulted the President for not being specific in exposing and shaming the corrupt individuals or institutions.

“Corruption is a cancer that is eating our nation. The MoU signed between the President and Raila touched on corruption, which he clearly recognised and talked about. The system is largely requesting for change and Kenyans want results,” said Mbadi.

“EACC is busying stating the funds and assets fraudulently acquired however we are not attaching the names and faces.”

Investigating agencies

Senate Minority Whip Mutula Kilonzo Jnr said the President should put more emphasis on the investigating agencies.

“The judiciary acquitted the National Youth Service suspects due to shoddy investigations. The EACC and DPP office have done little even to the famous list of shame in 2015 of 175 people,” said Kilonzo Jnr.

The EACC reports that it received a total of 7,637 reports out of which 1,277 are under active investigations involving property and money worth Sh18.2 billion at the risk of loss through corruption and economic crimes.

“A total of 207 files were processed out of which 169 were forwarded to the office of the DPP for prosecution,” reads the report.  

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