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The dangers of masturbation and how to overcome it

Although I enjoyed the process, it left me feeling ashamed, guilty and afraid of being caught. When I attempted to engage with women, I was abusive. ...
Jan 19, 2017

On the first date, leave Miss V unshaved. This is why...

The lengths these ladies have gone to will leave you shocked. ...
Jan 19, 2017

Signs your woman is about to dump you

When a woman has had enough, she has had enough; and she will walk away but never immediately, she first walks away emotionally and then it could be a year before she finally walks away physically. ...
Jan 19, 2017

How do I tell my husband that his best friends are hitting on me?

I am afraid he may get to know about this someday and I don’t want him to feel betrayed. I want to end this but ......
Jan 19, 2017

Cheating has nothing to do with sex. Here are six signs that he is cheating or about to.

Whenever you start to justify yourself, flip the situation around and ask yourself how you would react if your partner was the one doing those things....
Jan 18, 2017

He insists on knowing my sex history, do I reveal?!

He is the conservative type and I don’t know how he may react. Should I tell him the truth if he insists?...
Jan 19, 2017

I got intimate with my dad and it's killing me.

We ended up getting intimate and now I can't get him off my mind. He also seems to have the same problem and I think he has fallen in love with me....
Jan 18, 2017

How to effectively plan for the future now

As you enjoy bonuses and good earnings now, think of that time when you are helpless; either put down by disease or age. ...
Jan 19, 2017

Yes Please! How to make mango jam

Sweet and nutritious, surprise the family with this easy to make bread mango spread. ...
Jan 19, 2017

Where to for the Obama's after tomorrow?We have the details about their retirement home

As US President Barack Obama leaves office tomorrow, many people are wondering where he will stay with his family and what he will be doing in retirement...
Jan 19, 2017

Are you a discouraged parent to a teen? Here are four pointers to help you out

Questions such as, “Did I handle this situation correctly?” haunt them....
Jan 19, 2017

Simple steps to clean stained coffee mugs

Serving visitors tea in stained cups is a sign of a poor host. Here are simple cleaning steps to follow to get your stained mugs sparky clean....
Jan 19, 2017

A tale of a man and his wife who left the classroom for gospel music

Doors started opening to us and we started being invited abroad to perform and we saw the power of music as an evangelizing tool....
Jan 19, 2017

Stop your hands from revealing your age: Here are five tips to reverse premature aging.

Our hands are exposed to chemicals in soaps and cleaners which dry them out. When we frequently expose our hands to the UV lamp during gel manicures, this accelerates the aging process....
Jan 18, 2017

Our difference in libido is killing our relationship

My boyfriend has a problem with his libido. We are both 23, but he just never seems to be in the mood for sex. ...
Nov 20, 2016

Ramogi Hill's mystical powers? The shocking revelation

“Magicians usually visit this place, rather secretly, while some politicians seek to feed off Ramogi’s spirit and will eat from the Rapogi rock considered to be concentrated with his spirit,” ...
Jan 18, 2017

7 Steps to get rid of bad odor from your body. Diet is one of them

Strong body odor can be an embarrassing problem. Commercial deodorants and sprays may improve the situation temporarily, but do not address the underlying problem...
Jan 19, 2017

From Obesity to Vitamins deficiency: Here are five birth defects in relation to a mother's nutrition

Proper maternal nutrition during pregnancy goes a long way in determining the health, nutrition status and quality of life of a child....
Jan 18, 2017

Around the cheeks or the forehead: Here's what your breakouts are telling you

Some people get pimples in the same area every month, while for others, it seems random. ...
Jan 18, 2017

This is eating me up but how do I tell my wife about my HIV status

I got involved with a lady who revealed that she was HIV positive ...
Nov 30, 2016

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