What the monsters did to hostages in Westgate

By Nyambega Gisesa | Friday, Sep 27th 2013 at 00:00
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The terrorists shot at anyone who screamed.

With the shooting intensifying, various units from the National Police Service namely Flying Squad, Special Crimes Unit and Administration Police responded.

A few minutes after the attack, the first police officers, nine in number, entered the building thinking that it was a normal robbery.

The British SAS officer managed to kill two of the terrorists. Lower Kabete police chief Stephen Lelei who was coordinating the officers was injured at about 2.28pm and a fellow policeman was shot dead.

Over an hour later at about 4pm, the police made the first attempt to advance into the building and were forced to retreat after facing heaving fire.

Meanwhile, the terrorists went on killing hostages in the mall.

According to doctors called to the mall after the end of the siege and from recollections of photos in our possession, the terrorists removed the balls, eyes, nose and ears of hostages. They forced the hostages to use their chopped off hands to write their names.

They ripped noses using pliers and cut fingers with knives and hanged some of the hostages instead of shooting them dead. They also sent chopped limbs down the escalator to people eagerly waiting to rescue hostages.

The terrorists hid behind tinted window panes only to open fire on civilians who were being rescued. When they were being attacked, they used hostages as human shields.

Attackers completely burnt the bodies of fellow terrorists whenever they were killed.

Among them were snipers who are said to have killed and injured most of the KDF men.


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