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How Western Commandoes weathered musical storms

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This is a joke: If you yesterday met a man from Western Kenya whistling his favourite tune after winning a certain midday battle (end of joke), then probably the song was ‘Tindikiti’ (Mulongo) by David Barasa, or ‘Mukangala’ by the late Jacob Luseno. But the former is a circumcision song, so its fame is restrictive.

Suzanna Owiyo’s dream for an art centre takes off
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She is one of the very few artistes who have stood tall on the music realm through fusing of traditional western music, traditional instruments and contemporary rhythms.

Annual drama festival begins amid ranking dilemma
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The annual Kenya Schools and Colleges Drama Festival set for this school term is grappling with the challenge of whether to rank or not, in an attempt to stay in line with the Ministry of Education’s decision not to rank students based on their performance in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exam early this month.

Veteran Swahili scribe Bob Roberts Okoth breathes his last at KNH
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A former Managing Editor at the Standard Group Bob Roberts Okoth has died.

Speechwriters unknown heroes behind US State of the Union
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Day after day from morning to night, a small cadre of wordsmiths searches for the right message, tone and cadence for the US president to speak to the American people.

In Theatres: ‘Alone’ and ‘The Wedding Ringer’
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Do not be left out of the movie craze; here are captivating stories to look out for.

Charlie Hebdo and the need to reconsider liberal satire
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Murder is not the equivalent of satire, and so when Jihadists kill satirical writers and cartoonists in the heart of liberal Paris, our first instinct is disbelief that anyone should kill over the production of a quick sketch of an historical figure, Mohammed.

Blogging plan flops before its gets started, so there goes my 2015
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I may not be a prophet but I can tell the mood in the country is ripe for lynching a blogger.

‘All Alla wants is to see pupils in art classes’
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Alla Tkachuk, 40, was born in Russia in the Ural Mountains where art played a big part in education.

Does journalism affect capability of writers?
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In his classic novel, Lost Illusions, the French writer Honoré de Balzac chronicles the life of Lucien, a talented but finicky poet and novelist from the provinces, who goes to Paris in search of literary fame, but poverty drives him to seek solace in journalism

African religions do not have satan
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Dictionaries broadly explain the word “devil” as “spirit of evil” or “wicked spirit.” But Does African religion or do African languages have a word for the devil or satan?

Artistes launch Music for all ages initiative
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An initiative that will bring together the youth and the elderly will be launched today and it is fronted by some of Kenya's foremost artistes from both generations, all in a bid to achieve the Millennium Development Goals,