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Obama’s musical talents you didn’t know about

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US President Barack Obama is a man of many musical talents -- proven with previous public performances -- but rapping, he admits, just isn't one of them.

Here's perfect present for the President for tips on how to ward off opposition
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Last week, Lupita Nyong’o swept into town, fresh from the Mara, with elephants in the air in the Villa Kempinski room where she held a press conference to announce that, going forward, she was a WildAid ambassador and was working to save the majestic pachyderms.

World's best choir in Nairobi for charity
  Comments - 2 weeks ago

Kenyans will have a Musical treat from World's renowned Korean Gracias Choir who are visiting the country this month for charity.

Why Ngugi and our 'conservative' writers are off the mark on Kenya's tribalism
  Comments - 1 month ago

This is factual: I was in Class Eight at a rural primary school called Oneno-Nam in 1992. This was in Muhoroni Constituency, Kisumu County.

Romance aside, these themes charm, too
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Romance sells! During this year’s East African Digital Summit, one of the programme managers from Worldreader stated that romance novels were the most read, among the titles on their fiction collection, on their Kindle.

Poets’ corner: JUMA-PHOPIA
  Comments - 1 month ago

Discipline and hard work extolled her high

‘The Host’ showcases Korea’s best of the best in film making
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Not even the most sophisticated weapons can conquer the unknown and deadly monster that has an insatiable appetite for human flesh and blood.

Kenya’s MP on thinking tour and his ‘scratch my back’ Bill
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We were gathered in Old Nyati’s compound whiling the afternoon away, exchanging village news and gossip when we heard someone singing a strange song: “Ooh, scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours, and to hell with merit.”

From Kilimani to socialites, our new man at money maker risks abduction
  Comments - 1 month ago

This Central Bank Governor designate Pato must be one of a man; the dawa we require so bad especially at a time when the shilling is losing to the dollar.

Different worlds, ages but same oppression
  Comments - 1 month ago

Vera; or, The Nihilists-the first Oscar Wilde play-found its way to Alliance Fran├žaise last weekend.

Ngugi's secret to becoming a great writer
  Comments - 1 month ago

Someone once said there could never be too much of a good thing. Prof Ngugi wa Thiong’o has travelled back to the US, yet he said much about writing while he was around for the last two weeks

50 years later, we still cannot face our children and whisper, 'Weep Not, Child'
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Weep Not Child was published in 1964, a year before I was born. I have a special relationship to it, not only because my father wrote it but because of the images it conjures every time I hear the title, Weep Not, Child.

CNN award winner Joseph Mathenge in US
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CNN Multichoice Africa Journalist of the Year overall winner Joseph Mathenge arrived in Atlanta, Georgia, in the US last week for a three-week fellowship at the CNN Centre.

Kenyan thriller premieres in Nairobi
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A homegrown Kenyan thriller titled 'Betrayal' was staged for the first time at the Alliance Francaise in Nairobi last week.