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Humour will make readers love your work
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“What excuse do you have for coming home at six in the morning?” an angry Mrs Benda asks. “Breakfast ...” Bogi replies.

East Africa's pioneer artists showcase their work at Nairobi Gallery
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The ongoing exhibition featuring East Africa’s pioneer artists Elkana Ongesa and Expedito Mwebe Kibbula is a unique event which reflects on the early days of artists in this country.

When criminal pastors reap from seed planted as cost of miracle ingredients
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The story Old Nyati was telling us was shocking. It was about an explosion in Kenya of a deeply disturbing phenomenon – thieving, lying and criminal pastors.

Wind of sweetness blows from matokeland
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Weather reports indicate that unscrupulous winds are blowing sweet clouds of sugar from the land of matoke.

Mombasa erupts into massive partying at start of 10 day culture festival
  Comments - 2 weeks ago

Massive fireworks, traditional dances from Kenyan and foreign troupes and nightlong partying marked the start of the second Mombasa International Cultural Festival in Mombasa on Friday evening.

Publishers call on State to curb trade in counterfeit books
  Comments - 3 weeks ago

Publishers have appealed to the Government to fight the counterfeit books trade, which they say is killing morale of writers by denying them earnings from their creative works.

Vernacular rules presentations at Kenya’s music festival
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The vibrant lakeside culture was on display at the Kenya Music festival when Luo and Luhya folk songs reverberated at the Citam Amphitheatre with drums, orutu and jingles coming together in rhythm and harmony.

Music festival goes spiritual as participants reflect on their Christian faith in style
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Participants from secondary schools and those from technical colleges took time yesterday to reflect on their faith, but in an African idiom.

Kenya Music Festival showcases nation’s cultural variety
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At one corner of the large compound of Kisumu Boys High School, a group of young boys from Borstal School, Shimo la Tewa Prison, is rehearsing a song on behaviour change that depicts how far they have come in mending their past ways and looking forward to a great future.

Throw weight behind reading and writing culture, poet tells Kenyans
  Comments - 1 month ago

A poet has expressed concern over a fading reading and writing culture.

Obama’s musical talents you didn’t know about
  Comments - 1 month ago

US President Barack Obama is a man of many musical talents -- proven with previous public performances -- but rapping, he admits, just isn't one of them.

Lesson for local writers from Harper Lee
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Nothing has recently electrified the literary world more than news of reclusive literary icon Harper Lee coming out of her 55-year break to publish her second novel, Go Set a Watchman.

Ojwang’: The man with a knack for making the ordinary extraordinarily funny
  Comments - 1 month ago

When just a few Kenyans owned television sets, Mzee Ojwang’ Hatari was a news-maker and a celebrity.

Opportunity for screenwriters
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The Writers Guild of America strike that lasted 100 days, from late 2007 to early 2008, cost Hollywood billions of dollars.