Meet witchdoctor tasked to do referrals of patients suffering from NCDs to avert preventable deaths

Meet witchdoctor Jacinta Kanini from Kilala, in Makueni county who has been given the mandate to do referrals of patients suffering from non-communicable diseases such diabetes to avert preventable deaths. Kanini says that she only do diseases related to the exorcism of bad spirits, confusion, family disputes among others but she does refer patients to Makueni referral hospital for further treatment. This has been achieved by the awareness that has been created by Makueni community health volunteers who have ensured non is left behind in the fight against NCDs. However, Stansilous Kioko Mulatya, a Makueni CHV says still they have a challenge of many more witchdoctors who are confusing patients hence a threat to their well-being.