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The Green Bulldozer- Why Kenyans are in love with it
By Vincent Kejitan | Updated Aug 10, 2018 at 14:29 EAT
The Green Bulldozer

The bulldozer is a nightmare for owners of buildings that are set to be brought down

Netizens wasted little time to praise the green giant

Buildings found on riparian land and road reserves have been demolished this week but one thing has caught the attention of Kenyans is a green bulldozer.

Spotted at Southend Mall and during the demolition of Java Coffee House in Kileleshwa, Kenyans have now labeled it as one of the most feared ‘monsters’ this week.

Crushing everything that sits on its path, the bulldozer is a nightmare for owners of buildings that are set to be brought down, with President Uhuru Kenyatta firmly backing the exercise.

Netizens wasted little time to praise the green giant and its driver, whom they called one of the most powerful people at the moment.

Here are some of the reactions:

4 things that are giving the elites sleepless nights, a call from DCI, a DPP call,a green bulldozer and Uhuru's media briefing.leo ni friday tujibambe huko Nakumatt Ukay— Charles Chege Gitau (@teamchegefresh) August 10, 2018

Nakumatt UKAY having a candid talk with the Green Bulldozer guy! pic.twitter.com/T91KSJjcmS— JOE MUHAHAMI (@Muhahami) August 10, 2018

Nairobi is in under panic mode ! Anytime you hear there is a green bulldozer in your neighbourhood!! ???????? Did NEMA use the green machine by chance or it’s a message that we are going green ??? pic.twitter.com/El3w88h6pH— Mtu Mrefu Tall ???????? ???????? (@Pedigree4) August 10, 2018

I envy the guy operating the green bulldozer which is bringing down buildings.......!!!— Lawi™ (@NyandendaLawi) August 10, 2018

Kiwanja itakuwa wazi sasa!! Thanks to the green "Sheriff "....bulldozer— Tottie (@Tiottek) August 10, 2018

The green Sany bulldozer has destroyed more than some mafisi we know Nakumatt Ukay Southend mall Taj Mall— George Kamau (@gktechnic) August 10, 2018

This guy in his green bulldozer demolishing all these buildings, who is he? I hope he gets a bonus. 2 malls one week quite impressive. #Nakumttukay had memories will miss #Hashmi Indian restaurant— Vera M (@Miss_Veronica_) August 10, 2018

pic.twitter.com/HcNr77YEQU I love this green bulldozer called SANNY, demolishing Nakumatt Ukay. It is a jinxed bulldozer!! It brought down Java house and shell along kileleshwa road, demolished southend mall. It should land on Taj Mall. It is green, the colour of environment.— Elijah Okemwa (@elijah1334) August 10, 2018

If I owned a green bulldozer I'd just start driving it randomly around Nairobi. #NEMA— BK (@bkahugu) August 9, 2018

I think at the moment ogopana na ile bulldozer ???? ya green tu ????????????— Ray (@Ray_Papah) August 8, 2018

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Thursday asked responsible state agencies to prosecute all government officials found culpable for allocating riparian and public utility land to private developers.

At the same time, the Head of State supported the ongoing demolition of structures illegally erected on riparian and public utility land saying this is part of the proactive efforts by his administration to decisively deal with runaway corruption in the country.

‘We must discourage corruption and encourage county governments to demolish properties on riparian land,” he said.

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