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Ladies, if you have these 10 types of men in your life, you are hopeless
By Dayan Masinde | Updated Jun 14, 2018 at 12:11 EAT
Black couple arguing [COURTESY]

Sometimes the man you choose to date or marry is not the person who will make you happy

From behaviour to character, they will disappoint you in one way or the other 

SEX PERVERT - Does he always talk about sex? Is he uncomfortably touchy? Sending you porn? Asking for nudes? Ever asking to see you in private and justifying the need to test drive? Be sure he is doing the same with other women. All he wants is your cookie. Avoid him.

MALE CHAUVINIST - Does he look down on women, justifying polygamy, has a selfish view of submission in marriage and wants to marry for social status? Does he silence your voice, saying a woman's place is in the kitchen and does unfair things to you then says "I was testing you"? Keep off this man, he will suppress you and be intimidated by your success.

SECRETIVE TENDENCIES - Does he want to know things about you but rarely discloses things about himself? Does he walk out on you when talking on the phone, hiding where he stays, has pseudo accounts on Facebook, hides you from the public and gets defensive when you ask for accountability? This man is dangerous and will ruin your peace.

INSULTING TONGUE - "Prostitute", "Useless" - Does he use these kinds of words? This man will crush your self-esteem, bully and damage you; his dark heart is not ready for love and responsibility. He uses emotional abuse to get what he wants.

INCONSISTENCY IN CHARACTER - Is he good to you but bad to others? Does he disrespect those below him in social status but respect those who have ‘made it’ in life? Does he mock other people, terrorise the waiter and people who serve him but is good to you? His being good to you is only for a moment, soon, he will mistreat you just like he mistreats others.

VIOLENT SPIRIT - Does he have an uncontrollable temper? Does he scare you when he is angry, does he make threats, does he rough you up or slap you, does he ‘OK’ husbands slapping their wives to ‘teach them a lesson’? Let him go, he is an abuser.

QUESTIONABLE FRIENDS - Does he hang around the wrong crowd? Is his favourite time with "the boys" who sleep around, drink silly, who massage his ego and display reckless and immature behaviour? A man who is not wise enough to choose the right friends will ruin your future marriage

OVER PROTECTIVENESS - Does he want to rule you and dictate who you talk to, what you wear, where you go to church and how you live? Does he issue orders to you? Does he get worked up and combative when you don't pick up his calls or delay in replying his messages? This is an insecure man who will not let you breathe.

LADIES MAN - Does he ogle at other women who pass him, does he have a soft spot for his ex, does he flirt with others, is he touchy with other women, fails to keep boundaries to protect you two and would rather show loyalty to other women than to you? This man will complicate your life and be caught up in multiple affairs.

PEOPLE PLEASER - Is he obsessed with fitting in and being accepted? Is he easily swayed by the crowd and wanting to project an image? Is he so eager to please his mother, his friends and even strangers? This man will go into debt, lose himself, keep changing his decisions and show instability. He will succumb to peer pressure and has no vision for himself. This man is not ready for marriage.

MONEY LOVER - Does he only look for you when he needs money? Does he sweeten you up, romance you and even becomes sexual only when he needs money? Does he come up with stories about how tough life is, some of them not adding up? Does he get angry at you and guilt trip you when you don't give him money? This man is using you as a ticket to a good life. Don't let him waste your hard-earned money. 

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