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Raila is a magician who ran out of lies and tricks- Mutahi Ngunyi
By Wambui Mbuthia | Updated Feb 12, 2018 at 11:26 EAT
Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi
  • Mutahi Ngunyi says Raila has no plan ahead after President Uhuru failed to arrest him following his oath of office
  • President Uhuru silence in politics is a message to Kenyans in regard to the constitution
  • According to Mutahi, Uhuru can break the law if it has greater results for the country

Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has described National Super Alliance (NASA) Coalition leader Raila Odinga as a tactician rather than a strategist who depends on lies, tricks, and chance to get things done. In a forum with his students from the Fort Hall School of Government on February 10, Mutahi said that Raila lost direction after President Uhuru failed to arrest him after swearing himself in on January 30.

In a detailed discussion, Mutahi and his students also discussed the current state of the country, saying that President Uhuru can and should amend the Constitution if it will save the country. According to them, the Judicial is biased and does not care about the fate of Kenya.

“Can court orders be disobeyed? Can the state disobey the law to preserve order and the public good? Is what Uhuru did this week allowable? And the answer to this is a resounding yes,” said J.M a lawyer.

Mutahi Ngunyi and the Fort Hall School of Government

In their reasoning, a necessity is bigger than any law in the doctrine of civil necessity. This means the law can be broken if the results will be of a greater good. They cited examples in Africa where this doctrine has been used justifiably.

 Talking about the existing Constitution, the group says that President Uhuru is communicating to the country that the content needs to be corrected. By ignoring Raila’s swearing-in, Uhuru is playing a silent card to him and making him a joke who has no plane.

“If Raila can take time to listen to Uhuru, the ice will be broken and dialogue will happen, “Mare X, another lawyer said.

“Uhuru has spoken no politics for weeks now. His silence is so loud that we can hear it. And as they say, silence annoys even the devil himself,” Mutahi said.

By not ordering the arrest Raila, Uhuru rendered him without and he has no strategy on the way forward.

“If Raila has become a joke, it’s because Raila has no plan. If Raila does not know what a plan is, it’s because he has never done his politics ever using a plan… He is not a strategist, he is a tactician. And tacticians are like magicians, they rely on lies, tricks, and chance. If he ran out of lies, tricks, and chance, he gets confused and this is what has happened to the guy,” Mutahi concluded.

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