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Did Jubilee Governor hatch a plan to scuttle the homecoming of Raila?
By Grapevine | Updated Nov 22, 2017 at 08:04 EAT
Raila Odinga alighting from a plane
  • NASA leader Raila Odinga arrived the country from the United States on November 17
  • Some Jubilee leaders disclosed that they wanted a youthful NASA MP not to mobilize youths to go welcome Raila at the airport

Did some powerful figures at Statehouse hatch a plan to scuttle the homecoming of National Super Alliance (NASA) Chief Raila Odinga? Grapevine has been told that a prominent Jubilee Governor and MP, a day before the arrival of Raila on Friday kept pleading to meet some influential city opposition legislators until late into the night.

When one of the youthful NASA MPs insisted to know what the meeting was all about, the Jubilee leaders disclosed that they wanted him not to mobilize youth to go welcome Raila at the airport, promising to give him a cool Sh1 million. The first time legislator keen not to be branded a mole, hang up his phone.

Still on Raila’s Friday homecoming, were members of the security agencies divided on how to handle his horde of supporters? Insiders say that police were divided a day before the Nasa chief arrived , with one group insisting that that there was no need to bar opposition supporters from accessing the airport while the other was not for the idea.

The rift was further evident as police battled the protesters along the roads leading to the city, with Administration Police officers deployed to quell the violence seeming to be reluctant to do so.

A source at the police referred Grapevine to pictures of the protests, which shows majority of those who were vicious on the protestors-including those stoning motorists- being men in Regular Police uniform

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