Why January tends to be a reality check

By Dayan Masinde | Thursday, Jan 2nd 2020 at 15:55
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Many people give their December holidays to people who are just temporary thrills who come with excitement, euphoria and a feel-good feeling that makes them ignore the people who matter, makes them waste their money and do regrettable things.

Most affairs happen during December holidays, most drinking happen during December holidays, most throwing away of money to please people happens during December holidays.

For many, December is a time for throwing caution to the wind and outdoing the crazy in the name of fun.

Then January comes and you are faced with reality. The people you had fun with during the Holiday season leave and you are left with the spouse you have been ignoring, you suddenly remember the true friends who you forgot when the temporary friends from abroad came back, the children you pushed away now need school fees and the responsibilities stare at you after your brief period of excitement.

It is a crashing period for many, when some temporary high falls down to reality lows. This is the problem of getting caught up in excitement, the problem of becoming too familiar with the ones you love and robbing them of your attention, time and money to give it to people who come with a promise of fun. When the fun ends, reality checks in and for some, they struggle to recover.

As a parent, spouse or someone in a relationship, always remain focused on the person/people that are most important. Don't let excitement distract you from what is valuable.

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