Elderly man murdered, body parts chopped off on witchcraft suspicion

By Paul Gitau

Malindi, Kenya: An elderly man was killed and his private parts chopped off at Ziwa La Furunzi area within Malindi district in Kilifi County on Thursday.

The elderly man is said to have been killed by unknown people on suspicion that he had bewitched his own son who has since died.

His head and private parts were severed and deposited beside his body.

According to a source who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of arrest said the man was killed following the mysterious demise of one of his son.

"During his son's burial over the weekend in Makao Moto area there were rumors that the mourners were preparing to kill him after the burial of his son," the source noted adding that the old man appears to have been tipped about the impending danger and fled into hiding at his in laws at Ziwa la Furunzi in Malindi after reporting the threats to local police.

However it was not clear how the mourners received information that the man was hiding at his in laws' place and apparently pursued him there.

Unknown people are said to have attacked him in the wee hours of yesterday, kidnapped then killed him and hid his body in a thicket.
Malindi Deputy County Commissioner Mr Joshua Nkanatha confirmed the incident adding that police have launched investigation into the matter.

He said the deceased neck had been slit. 

“We believe he was killed on suspicion of practicing witchcraft and our investigations will commence with his close members of families’, he noted.

Mr Nkanatha said most murder associated to witchcraft is planned by close family members of the deceased.

The deceased body was later taken to the Malindi district hospital mortuary.

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