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eSports: Rogue Team receives support from Hyperice during League of Legends World Championship 2021

The Rogue League of Legends European Championship team on Friday announced that its players will receive innovative gear from Hyperice, a global high-performance wellness brand specialising in percussion, dynamic air compression, vibration, thermal technology, mind technology, and contrast therapy.

Rogue players will use the gear to aid in their training and recovery as they compete in the 2021 League of Legends World Championship, enabling them to play longer and harder, to recover better and to do what they love, more.

“We always put the wellbeing of our players first,” said Anna Baumann, EVP of Esports at ReKTGlobal — the parent company to Rogue.

“The cutting-edge devices and athlete performance programs offered by Hyperice are ideal to combat the soreness, muscle strain, and poor circulation esports players often face at high levels of training and competition. Hyperice's technology perfectly complements our successful high performance framework led and developed by our performance director, sports scientist Ismael Pedraza.”

The Rogue players have been excited to integrate the Hyperice gear into their daily routine. Like many sports, esports can be mentally and physically taxing on its athletes, putting them at risk of injury if players don’t adhere to strict training and recovery protocols — from using high-quality gaming and training equipment and keeping proper posture to stretching, getting plenty of sleep, and eating a healthy diet.

One of the most high-performance teams in the esports world, Rogue was the first to secure their place in the 2021 League of Legends World Championship. The achievement continues a stellar year for the players, who are the number one LEC team in Europe.

“Hyperice works with athletes across the world, so we’re pleased to be supporting one of the most competitive, high-performance teams in the esports arena,” said Michael Ricatto, Director of Marketing, Europe at Hyperice.

“We’re excited for Rogue as they face off in this year’s Worlds Championship. From each day of training to the moment of competition, we’re proud that our products and programs will help these young athletes soar to victory on the biggest stage in League of Legends.”

Founded in 2010 by Anthony Katz, Hyperice started as an ice and compression sleeve but has since evolved into a holistic high-performance wellness brand with numerous product lines and categories, including its award-winning Hypervolt, Vyper, Venom and Normatec lines. The new, modern approach allows Hyperice to reimagine its brand identity to better serve a broader audience of athletes and help people everywhere do the things they love, and do it more.

Hyperice recently acquired mental wellness company Core — its third acquisition in 18 months, which will launch globally in 2022. In December 2020, Hyperice acquired Recover X prior to launching its new pinnacle innovation — Hyperice X, the world's first ever portable contrast therapy device.

Originally planned to take place in five cities across China, Riot Games recently moved Worlds 2021 to Reykjavik, Iceland, in the same arena that hosted MSI and VALORANT Masters Reykjavik.

The event rotates through different regions every year and hosts different stages of the tournament in cities throughout the host region. One of the most intense tournaments in the world, Worlds fans have watched 160.92 million hours of play and recorded more than 1 billion hours watched.