Invest in green businesses, Kalua Green asks Prince of Monaco, investors

Dr Isaac Kalua (left) with Prince Albert after a meeting in Monaco. [File, Standard]

Environmentalist Isaac Kalua has called on the business community in the world's second-wealthiest state, the City-State of Monaco, to set up green businesses and investments in Kenya.

Dr Kalua, who is also the leader of the Green Thinking and Action Party (GTAP) told a meeting attended by Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco that Kenya was a leading destination for sustainable development projects owing to its environmental credentials and friendly business climate.

The environmentalist and his team are on a three-day official tour of Monaco on the invitation of the state's leader, Prince Albert II where he will meet Europe's top leaders in green politics and green business. 

"Kenya is the environmental capital of the world. It hosts the world's topmost environmental body, UNEP and is a leader in green energy. It is, therefore, a natural place to put your money if you want to invest sustainably," he said.

Kalua rooted for Kenyan agribusinesses seeking new markets in Europe and had an opportunity to present products made in Kenya, including macadamia nuts and oils made by Wish Kenya, as well as Kenyan high-grade coffee produced by Karunguru Coffee Tours, famous for their coffee tasting farm tours. 

Prince Albert II lauded Kalua's relentless environmental work across Africa, which he said had contributed to Kenya's global standing.

Green Thinking and Action Party (GTAP) leader Isaac Kalua during the party's NDC at Bomas, on Nairobi, 2022. [Jenipher Wachie, Standard]

He pledged to continue supporting green initiatives in Kenya and Africa at large. He recounted his own country's efforts in creating a sustainable global economy and called for leaders to deliberately create a conducive environment for global investors.

Prince Albert II also wished Kenya peaceful elections that should lead to unmatched economic growth and dignified households. 

Prince Albert II has been a staunch environmental champion since his ascension in 2005 and in 2006, he founded The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation to support ecological projects, with specific focus on climate change, renewable energies, biodiversity and water-related issues.

Currently, Monaco is implementing an ambitious sustainability blueprint that involves reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 55 per cent compared to 1990 levels, by 2030 and achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. 

Already, the 2km-territory has put in place some 390 electric bicycles at a total of 42 stations, a 100percent electric car-sharing service, over one hundred public lifts and escalators to encourage walking.

It also has a solar-powered electric boat bus and a fleet of buses running on Diester, a combination of diesel and vegetable oil. Further, 9 out of every 10 hotel rooms in Monaco have been modified to reduce their ecological impact. Prince Albert II has previously visited Kenya at the invitation of the Green Africa Foundation. 

Kalua pledged to use his entrepreneurial acumen and experience to practically attract and connect investors in the vast green space for common good. His new party GTAP also wishes to push for the election of Sustainability conscious leaders in the August 2022 polls without antagonising any political party or individuals. "I believe that politics can be handled as clean business that can be a blessing to all for God's glory," he said.