Opinion: Is Opposition's fear of secret polling stations tenable?


Yes it is. You just have to be a patriotic Kenyan to know that a claim of this magnitude should not be dismissed without investigations being done to ascertain the truth.

Both factions and their supporters need to go to the election with an assurance that the process will be free and fair so that we can reduce the chances of incidents occurring after the elections.

It is okay for the Opposition to be suspicious of the Government. Despite the steps that the country has made towards being a democracy, the independent agencies have not shown that they can be wholly relied on to be straight with their operations.

The Opposition is as invested in the election as the Government and it is in their interest to ensure that all the systems are in check to ensure that there is an even playing field.

This issue should be settled now so that we can make progress towards the election. IEBC should make clear the number of polling stations in the country and in each ward so that the opposition can be convinced.

The confidence that the Jubilee duo have expressed in winning the election is suspicious. So much secrecy and controversy has surrounded IEBC. The claims about the owner of the company awarded the tender to print ballot papers turned out to be true.

I will not easily discredit anything that the Opposition says. IEBC should act like the referees and not as part of the game if they are to deliver a credible election in August.