What is the due procedure after a rape?

By Harold Ayodo | Sunday, Jul 22nd 2018 at 00:00
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Dear Hannah,

Courts deliver judgments and rulings based on evidence presented before it.

1. Victims should never shower after defilement or a rape ordeal.

2. A doctor should examine and write a conclusive medical report on vaginal bruises, tears and presence of semen to form part of the prosecution evidence.

3. It is important to report the incident to the police at least within 24 hours.

4.  Also write a statement, which the police will include in their Occurrence Book (OB).

5. The police issue victims with a P3 Form for medical doctors to fill in after examination. The doctor should also fill in a Post Rape Care Form 1 (PRC1), which basically provides details to be used in court as evidence.

Emergency contraceptive pills can also be given, especially if the incident is reported within 72 hours.

Rape/defilement is a crime that torments survivors -- courts often give complainants a choice of the case to be heard in private.

However, survivors should try and remain calm in court as they may be asked embarrassing questions during the trial.

It is important not to accept money from the attackers in a bid to induce you to settle the matter out of court as the accused rapist may repeat the crime.

For your information, attempted rape is also a crime and should not go unpunished–report it to the police station.


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