The best of you is whoever treats his wife kindly- Prophet Muhammad

Our cover feature this week is one of my favourites so far. Not because we do not cover amazing people but because there is nothing like learning at the feet of the old.

And out of the amazing lessons Manu Chandaria shared was about kindness in marriage.

That the one thing that your spouse needs is a kind partner.

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Not wealth, not everlasting beauty, not culinary skills that would blow Julia Childs away, but kindness. Not that those other things aren’t great but they won’t keep you together through the rough times. Kindness will.

Kindness is in the little things really. It is in waking up at night to quiet the crying baby because you want your wife to get some rest.

It is in waking up a little earlier when your husband has a really early morning to make him some breakfast before he gets out of the door.

It is in being patient and understanding with your partner when they are upset about something. And saying the kind words they probably need at that time and trying to ease any burdens they are dealing with.

It works like a bank. You keep making the deposits and someday when in a bind, those little acts come through. Sort of like how when I am not feeling particularly gracious towards my husband, I remember the kind little things he does and any resentment melts away.

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Read up Manu’s piece and let us know what you think.

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