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How to get rid of foul smell from your fridge

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Nothing can make your appetite disappear faster than a stench coming from the fridge just when you’re about to reach out for something to eat.

The different kinds of odors that are plaguing your fridge are caused by molecules which are emitted from your food and float in the air, circulating in that small enclosed space. When you open the door, those molecules enter your nose and trigger receptors that make you say ‘’eeeeuw.’’

As you contemplate your next move, you now have to figure out what the foul rotten or dump smell is.

There are two approaches you can deploy to solve a persistent odor problem. You can try to drown it out by introducing other molecules of a less offensive nature such as a deodorizer or getting down and dirty to clean using natural methods which are preferred.

But before doing all that, throw out spoilt or expired food and avoid storing food in the open. Always ensure all foods are placed in air tight containers.

Baking soda

Take a glass fill it with baking soda and place it at the corner of your refrigerator. The powder will absorb the odor and after a while take away the smell and leave it odorless.


White vinegar can neutralize many of the bad smells that come out from your refrigerator. You can place half a glass of vinegar at the corner of the fridge or use water and vinegar to clean out the refrigerator. Empty it out and use a cloth to clean. Leave it for a few minutes then put back the items.


Take a piece of potato and peel it off. Place it in the fridge and remove it after two days and place another one. Repeat this until the smell disappears. Potatoes act as absorbents and it eliminates all kinds of smell.


Similar to potatoes, oatmeal absorbs the smell. Place some in a ceramic bowl and place it inside the fridge for a day or two.


Cut a few pieces of lemon and place them in the refrigerator. Leave them for about three days to give it time to remove the odor. To keep your fridge smelling fresh always, you can leave lemon pieces inside and all you have to do is replace them once or twice a week.

Coffee beans

All you have to do is scatter coffee beans on various shelves of the fridge and watch the smell disappear after a few days.

Vanilla extract

For a sweet-smelling refrigerator, soak a ball of cotton wool into some vanilla or almond extract and place it on a small bowl. Store it at a corner and the vanilla will begin to give off its smell killing all other odors.

Use airtight containers

To avoid and prevent foul smell always ensure you put your food in tight sealed containers which will contain the smell. Ensure the food does not stay in the fridge for long.

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