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Five ways to have healthy skin while traveling

Skin Care
 Nothing beats a nice vacation that doesn't ruin your skin (Image: Shutterstock)

Traveling takes a toll on your body and your skin is not spared as well.

No matter whether you’re going to the beach or off to the mountains so much is happening between then and when you get back home.

There is the weather change, lots of alcohol, sleepless nights and other factors that before you know it start to show in your eyes and skin.

There is also the stress that can come with long flights, delays, transfers or even worse, you may contract an illness enroute.

Definitely not what you would expect when going for a trip when you should be relaxing.

So, considering the moisture interruption you may encounter in a different country or destination this can cause some skin reactions, flare ups or even breakouts.

To make sure this doesn’t happen while on vacay, here are a few ways you can maintain healthy skin while on the road:

Wear no makeup

This may not sit well with everyone but there is a good reason behind this. Considering the change in weather and atmosphere, it can cause havoc on your skin.

When wearing makeup for long hours on the road or on a flight, your skin is not able to breathe and this can clog up your pores leading to possible breakouts.

If you can’t go natural a tinted moisturizer will do. If it will be a sunny vacay don’t forget to wear your sunscreen.

 When holidaying you can easily forget to hydrate, but you should not (Image: Shutterstock)

During travel your skin loses a lot of moisture and this can affect your overall appearance. Aim for the daily recommended number of glasses of water and carry a bottle always with you.

You can add some mineral drops for more benefits. Water will also help with digestion and appetite. It is advised to drink water half your body weight in ounces before your holiday and throughout thereafter.

Don’t use hotel soap

Hotel soaps may smell fruity and all the good words you can throw out there but remember they are full of harsh ingredients that cause dryness and may even lead to breakouts.

If you have sensitive that is prone to infections you want to completely avoid them and carry your own products from home or buy them where you are.

 Yes you are having fun but remember to sleep to keep your skin rejuvenated (Image: Shutterstock)

Don’t let the excitement get to you and forget to sleep. If your body doesn’t have enough time to rejuvenate and repair itself it will show on your skin.

Rest for eight or more hours since you can afford to do so while on holiday. And if the jet lag throws your circadian rhythm off, consider carrying some supplements that will help boost your body’s natural melatonin production.

Avoid hot water

Hot showers are tempting especially after a long day in the town. You want to wash off the dust and sweat and what better way to do it than with a nice steamy hot shower?

Sounds good on paper but it is a terrible idea. Water in different countries and parts of the world contain minerals your body may not be accustomed to and may be harsher than what your skin is used to.

This may harm your skin and it is therefore best to use cool or warm water with the skin care products you normally use.

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