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Causes and best treatments for dull skin

Skin Care
 Dull skin is not as a result of aging (Shutterstock)

The sad fact is you will be judged on first impressions so how you look is very important.

Dull skin can hold you back from social interactions and even go as far as affecting your self-esteem.

Contrary to some beliefs, dull skin is not as a result of aging. Dull skin can appear at any age for a number of reasons we will get into shortly.

When your skin starts to lose its natural glow that is your cue to step up your game and do something about it.

Simply put, dull skin has an uneven skin tone, texture, and is not vibrant. It looks lifeless and has no radiance to it. You will know this when you have dark under eyes, your skin looks dehydrated and appears darker than usual.

Good news is, there are a number of things you can do to correct that and breathe life back to your skin. We look at some of the causes of dullness you should be aware and what to do about it.



Garbage in garbage out pretty much sums it up. Your diet plays a huge role in maintaining your skin health and if you’re not eating right, it will show.

A proper well-balanced diet will nourish your skin. Eating raw fruits, vegetable and water rich foods will result in a more youthful looking appearance.


The appearance of your skin may be affected by fluctuation in hormones either due to some medication you may be on, menopause or other circumstances that are out of your control.

When your estrogen levels are affected, this may leave your skin oily, pigmented and even leave your skin with dark patches.


Is there something weighing heavily on your mind? That may soon start to show on your skin. Stress triggers can cause the release of the cortisol hormone that can have a negative effect on your skin.

The more anxious you get the more it will cause skin inflammation. And if you’re not careful, this may worsen already existing skin conditions such as acne eventually leading to dull skin.

4.Dead skin cells

Naturally, your skin sheds the dead skin away and as you age that slows down and your skin starts to produce less oil as well.

This could result in dryness blocking fresh new skin from appearing on the surface.

 When your skin starts to lose its natural glow that is your cue to step up your game (Shutterstock)



One of the best ways to keep your skin looking healthy is staying hydrated. Drink the daily recommended glasses of water and never skip on moisturizer.

In the morning after washing your face follow through with a moisturizer and a hydrating serum before bedtime. Constant use will result in a smooth hydrated skin.

Aloe Vera

This super plant has many benefits for your skin. Not only will it hydrate your skin but it will also inhibit production of the tyrosinase enzyme which prevents hyperpigmentation.

Cut the leaf of the aloe Vera and apply the gel directly on your face. Leave it for half an hour then rinse it off with warm water.


Washing your face is good but not enough. Your skin needs more especially as you age.

As your cell regeneration slows down, they start to buildup, trapping dirt which block the pores causing acne and other skin problems.

To lift away the dead skin use a scrub or chemical acids to dissolve them. But go easy on the latter which if over done can cause skin damage and irritation.

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