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How lemon and honey can work wonders on your body

Skin Care

Many people believe that for you to have a healthy glowing skin, you must use high end products. Well, the truth is, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to achieve skin goals. Duly noted, when people mention quality it actually sounds extremely expensive but you can have quality products at a very affordable sweat free price. You’ll be amazed to know that some of these products are just in your kitchen so buckle up as we are about to take off to some natural products which will change your life drastically.

My goal is to educate people on going natural sometimes because you can have the cash to purchase the product but unfortunately the product is not available in the beauty stores and the sad part is it can actually take months for you to get it .so why not opt for plan B? This has happened to me so many times but am grateful my plan B worked and that’s why am more that excited to share this article.

Lemon, honey and water will help give your digestion an instant boost.

 Lemon is a body cleanser. It helps to flush out all unwanted toxins. Fresh lemon helps to restore and balance your body PH. It also cleanses your liver by helping produce more bile and provides nutrients such as vitamin C and B.

Honey on the other hand acts as anti-bacterial and beats any infections that might be present in your body. Honey is full of nutrients such as vitamin B-6. Calcium, potassium, iron, Sodium, Copper and Zinc.

Slice and boil a fresh lemon, wait for it to cool then mix it with honey and enjoy your detox

This mixture of lemon and honey will do you justice even when you go out and eat greasy food.

Lemon is also good for your skin as it is rich in vitamin C. It’s a natural bleacher   and antiseptic which aids in fighting fine lines, wrinkles, black and white heads. It also clears dark spots, but you have to be consistent with it for good results.

Squeeze the lemon juice and apply on the areas you have the spots. Leave for 20/30Minutes then rinse off with warm water. If the lemon is too much for you, you can dilute with water. Repeat the procedure every morning and evening for a couple of weeks.

Honey is a natural humectant that attracts and retains moisture, hence it helps to keep your skin hydrated.

This mixture of honey and lemon is a very therapeutic face Mask as well. Mix 1 1/2table spoonful of honey and 1table spoonful of lemon juice. Rinse after 10/15minutes.

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