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How to treat your wife on mother's day

 As you celebrate your mother and sisters never forget the mother of your children (Photo: Courtesy)

Mother’s day is deeper than just cerebrating our moms who brought us into this world. It embraces the elements of celebrating motherhood as a whole. As you shower your mom with love and gifts, you should remember that the mother of your kids needs to be honored too.

Usually, the men in our lives will celebrate their mothers but forget their wives and own sisters who happen to be mothers too.

To make her feel included, there are a couple of things you can do to show her that you appreciate her and, here are some interesting ideas you can explore:

Take her on a date

You can never go wrong with this because it works, always. It is needed even more when you’ve been together for a long time. You have already passed the initial exciting stages of your relationship where you’d go out often and as time goes by, you both get busier.

This year, surprise her with a romantic dinner whether you want to take her somewhere fancy or to a simple spot that you both loved to go to.

Also, you should really go all out this time and dress up for each other.

Treat her to breakfast in bed

Simple acts of love like serving someone breakfast in bed really go a long way in showing your appreciation. You don’t even have to be an experienced chef to whip something nice for her on Mother’s day because you have so many easy choices to go for.

In case you’re not really great when it comes to kitchen matters, you can still order something for her the night before and surprise her with an amazing breakfast.

 Every woman loves a thoughful husband that remembers the small things (Photo: Courtesy)
Take her for a spa day

Your wife is a representation of who you are and people can always tell that she is being treated well if she looks good and radiates happiness.

If you’re looking for an idea that will make her feel appreciated, you should try and take her for a day of pampering. Research on spots where she can go and cover the bill for her.

The other option if you’re on a budget is to bring that relaxed spa ambience at home by lighting some scented candles, giving her a massage and putting relaxing music. You will have a happy ending after that for sure.

Take care of the chores

You’d be surprised that the only thing she actually wants is time for herself. She might just want some help with the chores for a day so she can be free to spend the day how she wants to.

You can decide to take care of the dishes, meals and everything else as a gift. And if you can, get the kids to help you out.

This is a practical gift that still communicates you truly appreciate her, especially when you’re low on cash.

Spend quality time together

As life gets busy every day, more couples struggle to spend quality time together with no distractions. For Mother’s day you can organize how the kids will be babysat so that you can have some time by yourselves.

Keep your phones away and just focus on giving her love and the attention she needs. This will be a refreshing experience for her.

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