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What should I look for in Mr Right?

 What should I look for in Mr Right? (Photo: iStock)

Hi Chris,

I am looking for a serious boyfriend. But what should I be looking for? And how do I get him to take an interest in me?


Chris says, 

Hi Looking!

Finding a serious boyfriend is easier than it seems. But what should you be looking for? A man who is succeeding of course, who has good social skills, and is leading an interesting life. Does it help to choose the most masculine-looking guy you can find?

It certainly did in the past. Because rugged men do better in a hard world. But nowadays you will probably be better looking for someone more sensitive, who will help you with your career and children.

Would it help to choose someone with distinctive looks? Turns out average works better. And look for men with evenly shaped faces, because that’s a sign of good health and fitness. Maybe that is also why dancing is so important in courtship. Because men like that are generally better dancers.

Be wary of men who overdo the deo and stuff. Choose the ones who just use plenty of soap and water! A man’s natural smell is important because male sweat contains chemicals that tell your body a lot about him. You will subconsciously prefer the smell of men who have the most genetic differences from yourself, which our bodies look for in a mate.

You will also find that subconsciously you are attracted to men who look like your father, which may or may not be a good thing. If he was older than usual when you were born, you will tend to go for older boyfriends. And be careful when you’re ovulating, because your body will be a lot less picky about the men then! So don’t let yourself be carried away by your feelings.

But after that, just remember the golden rule. It is the girl who selects the man. So make sure you rub shoulders with plenty of single men, and when you find yourself talking to one who matches your needs, let him know by your warmth that you’re choosing him. Only a wimp will say no.

All the best,


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