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Five tips on how to structure special time with your child

 Children don't really care what you do so long as you spend time with them (Image: Shutterstock)

There is no denying that life is busy and before you know it your little one is turning a year older. And you wonder, where did time go?

That is one question many parents have to contend with especially when you have a demanding job and in most times when you get home, all you want to do is eat, shower and sleep.

It therefore becomes a major concern to a lot of parents on whether they’re spending enough time with their children especially during their developmental years.

This can lead to some guilt especially when you’re also constantly bombarded with posts on social media by stay-at-home parents who manage to spend quality time with their little ones.

But, do not despair.

The truth of the matter is days don’t always go as planned, children aren’t always cooperative and some days you just lack the will. It is about creating a flow and being flexible should anything unexpected arise.

Here are a few ways you can structure some special time with your little one:

Take walks

If your shift usually ends in the evening, make arrangements with your nanny or partner to help you get the kids ready for bed by the time you come home.

This way, you will have a chance to freshen up and rest a little bit as they finalize on their bedtime routine then take a walk round the neighborhood.

Have them wear their pajamas, jackets in case it is chilly and boots. Put the little one on a stroller and the toddler can enjoy a bike ride.

Keep the conversations simple and nothing animated so they don’t get all excited. Not only will you enjoy some bonding time with them but by the time you get home they will be so tired you will have no problem putting them to sleep.

Take some time off work

You don’t need an emergency or illness to take some time off. Spending time with your child is reason enough to take some days off work especially if they’re feeling unwell or they have complained about spending time with you.

At the end of the day, your child does not understand or care about your job but they will remember the moments you shared together.

Be intentional about setting aside adequate time where you can spend the day together shopping, or sleeping in as you enjoy their favorite movies or games uninterrupted.

 Take time off work and travel together and can create more memories (Image: Shutterstock)
Do chores together

A great way to bond especially when time is tight on your side is by getting some chores done together. You can create a fun to do list that can include a treat at the end.

This will help your children be responsible and they will be more than happy to help you as they spend quality time with you.

Travel together

Holidays are the best places you can have uninterrupted time together. Depending on the dynamics, you can make arrangements to go with just your children or include the whole family.

Involve them in picking a location and the activities. This will allow them to see that you value and care enough to put their needs first.

Take time off gadgets

Life is about balance. Your children shouldn’t always be kept busy with video games, TV and tablets. The same way there is a time to use gadgets, is the same way there is a time to keep them away.

Instill this culture in your home at an early age and you will have no problem trying to get your children’s attention.

Get out the board games, old family album and gather around for some old fashioned bonding time.

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