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How you can handle an angry teen

 Calm down, listen and talk to your teenager without judging them (Image: Shutterstock)

Having children is amazing, just the simple thought of having someone depend on you for everything can be one hell of a ride.

When it begins children are lovely, they are clingy and will absolutely do anything to have your attention, however when they grow into teenagers and detach things begin to change.

They start to have weird demands, get moody all the time and grow distant. As a result, you spend a good part of your time always fighting each other and then you scratch your head wondering what you did wrong.

If your angry teenager is troubling you, here is how you can handle this situation: 

Calm down and listen

At the end of the day, a teenager is still a child without any major responsibilities in life, it might take very little to understand their feelings. Calm down, listen and talk, allow them to express themselves and help them navigate their emotions without being overbearing.

Do not snap

You don’t expect your teenager to be the bigger person, you are the adult who is supposed to be the bigger person. If you both snap, all you will be doing is yelling at each other without anybody really listening. Put your feelings aside and handle the issues as they come.

 Snapping on your teenager will only drift you further from them (Image: Shutterstock)
Set anger limits

Yes, they may be all over the place with their feelings but that is no excuse to misbehave or be disrespectful to you. If they break anything or insult someone you should make it clear there will be consequences for their actions.

Avoid comparisons

Everybody handles growth differently and the last thing you wasn’t to do is weigh your teenager down with their mishaps. You might be unintentionally burdening them with all your expectations without realizing it. Let them be themselves, guide them but don’t force them to be who they are not.

 Offer constructive help instead of criticizing their mishaps (Image: Shutterstock)
Offer constructive solutions

Anger in itself is not bad, but how they choose to channel it out is what matters. Engage them in various activities like a new hobby, writing or a compulsory evening walk. They are just discovering themselves, it is important to help them find ways of doing it without hurting themselves or others.

Seek help

If you feel your child has anger management issues or they take things too far and nothing is working, seek professional help. Your teenager could be depressed and in need of real help, let them open up to someone who knows exactly how to handle and channel their emotions.

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