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Caroline Mutoko has a word for men on COVID-19 but they are not impressed

My Man
 Former radio sensation Caroline Mutoko (Courtesy)

Media and communication personality Caroline Mutoko called on men to embrace better hygiene practice so as to steer clear of contracting COVID-19.

In a video on her YouTube channel, the former radio queen said that men were not keen on their personal hygiene as they are “mentally predisposed to shy away from hygiene,” something that, she says, leaves them on the crosshairs of COVID-19.

“There's a way our men act, think, and react to illness and especially to COVID-19 that will see a lot of them sick, hospitalized and even dead. Let's stop pretending that we haven't noticed. We have lost a lot of our men to COVID-19. Gentlemen - get serious. COVID-19 Kills.” She shared on her YouTube channel.

As expected, Ms Mutoko received a lot of bashing, mostly from men, claiming that she was only speaking from a bad experience she had with a man who didn’t savvy the importance of cleanliness.

Nonetheless, there are those who defended her saying she was indeed enlightening men and encouraging them to do something about their wellbeing.

“My sister @CarolineMutoko spoke the TRUTH. Corona is killing more men than women. We must save our men and be better. She spoke for the boychild. Let’s do better. Meanwhile, share and engage Caroline Mutoko on her YouTube Channel,” famous blogger Robert Alai opined.

Some had something to add to what Ms Mutoko shared: “I think there are several reasons why most men are contracting the virus as compared to women apart from what Caroline Mutoko is saying. Men hustle more; men go out to provide for their families; men are highly exposed thus making them be at a higher risk. It’s all clear.” One @kerubo_hillary reacted on Twitter.


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