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The pleasure of playing around with an older woman

My Man

It comes. Sooner or later. That phase in a man’s life where you are attracted to an older woman. You cannot help it. It is no longer stigmatised as it used to be in the past.

Personally, I favour younger women over older ones in my dating exploits. Younger women are easier to control and more affordable. Especially those in college who have not been exposed to much in life. But younger ones are also a handful lot. They show up for a dates with a host of friends, they tend to drink too much — beyond what their bodies can handle and can be a tad childish for a man who wants a meaningful relationship.

Older women, despite their baggage are worth a consideration. Recently at a cocktail party, I flirted with an older woman and it was an incredible experience. I had a change of heart. For a long time, older women were a definite NO for me — not worth even a second even though some are temptingly hot. Older women are given terrible names such as cougars or the tongue-in-cheek Internet reference: MILF.

The lady I flirted with was probably in her late 30s or early 40s. She had short, natural hair and simple but classy earrings. Her red lipstick blended well with her lighter skin tone. She wore a sexy dress that touched on her knees and when seated exposed a fresh pair of thighs, free of cellulite or any hideous stretch marks often common with younger women.

The dress equally arrested her body, decently exposing where the curves lay. She was a picture of calm dignity. She was graceful, witty and, above all, spoke her mind without any inhibition. She was not jumpy as younger women tend to be. We stood rooted in the same spot for more than an hour hooked in a conversation that basically touched on every topic under the sun.

She was knowledgeable. And men can tell you that there is no bigger turn-on in life than a woman who is witty and intelligent. It was the most enriching conversation I have had with a woman in a long time. And something happened. An overpowering crush on her befell me. I was overwhelmed.

To agree with a woman to ignore the proceedings of an important party going on and stand in the cold just talking stuff is as good as a cold July night can get.

And on the subject of relationships, she was casually detached. Presently, she is single. No child. She is not yet ready for a baby, even though she thinks motherhood is a good calling. She did not possess any bitterness towards men or overly opinionated as most single women her age are. But what could be her problem, given she was flawless to me? Time will tell.

But I learnt something vital: Maybe I should give older women a chance. My exploits with younger women have been dramatic and sometimes they are not worth the drama.

To date an older woman is to date a woman who is not under any pressure to conform to certain constraints of fashion and material pursuits common with younger women. An older woman probably has her money and will not be fleecing you for her supplies. Some can actually spend on you if are a young man with enough firepower.

Older women know their place. They don’t pressure younger men into proving themselves too much. All they need is respect and responsibility. If you can succeed at the two, even if by pretense, you can have a fulfilling relationship, even if short-lived. I have her number, maybe I should give it a try. I will keep you posted.

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