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Revealed!!! Here is why cheating married men never leave their wives

Marriage Advice

This has to be one of the old age questions. Why do married men never leave their wives? This very opinionated topic continues to haunt many marriages and relationships as we try grasp why this heartbreaking habit continues to happen. As many try to explain this ‘phenomenon,’ one thing is for sure, men want to have their cake and eat it too.

Cheaters do not necessarily want a breakup when they are looking for a lover. Those who chose to go outside their marriage do so out of selfish needs or simply some adventure.

Whether you’re the wife or mistress, here are five reasons you should be aware of that make men stay with their wives despite their philandering ways. ESTHER MUCHENE

He has it all

When you think about it, why would a man leave the woman who’s giving him amazing sex when he needs it then go home to a perfect family? He has two girlfriends who give everything he needs so why would he want to ruin that balance by leaving either one, more so the mother of his children? Call it the ideal situation for any guy. Clean clothes, food, kids, sex, an escape, you name it.

He loves his wife

If he really loves you as he claims, he should have left his wife already. The true reason he married her is because he loves her. Despite their challenges, he still goes back home. If he truly loved you as the mistress, he should be willing to sacrifice his family and wife to be with you regardless of the consequences. The reason you are still waiting for him to leave his wife two years later is really because he doesn’t want to. The other woman will always be just that and she will continue wasting her time on a man who will never be hers.

They value their children

Despite his cheating ways, men stay so they can give their children a stable family especially if he didn’t have one growing up. Whether or not he is getting along with his wife, his children can make him commit to his marriage for their sake.

Divorce is too messy

Divorce cases are ugly to say the least. No one in their right minds wants to go through that pain if they don’t have to. If he can hide the affair from his wife and continue parading as an upright man he can keep both his wife and the other woman happy. If the arrangement is working and no one is complaining then why would he want to put himself through a divorce?

He just wants a break

Men don’t cheat with the intention of leaving their wives. They look at it as simply sex or as an arrangement where two adults are benefiting without attachment or commitment. In his mind, he has justified his actions as no big deal hence his decision to be unfaithful. He is not looking for love.

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