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Things you can cut out on when on a tight budget

 Here are a few things you can leave out of your to buy list to keep your finances intact when on a tight budget [Courtesy]

Only a few have mastered the practice of true financial discipline. And if you're someone who can save, budget and invest wisely, kudos to you!

A big challenge that many of us are still trying to deal with is resisting the urge to spend on everything we want. And when you're low on cash, you have to really be careful on what you spend your money on because every coin counts.

This is not the time to spoil yourself.

And truly, when you're on a tight budget you will somehow be forced to separate your needs from wants unless you don't mind being broke.

To avoid going down that route, here are a few things you can leave out of your to buy list to keep your finances intact.

Expensive hair products

Hair care is not cheap at all. Even with short hair, you can end up spending a fortune to maintain it.

What you can try, now that you're planning to use your money wisely, is look for more affordable brands. In fact, many of those products marketed to us basically do the same thing so don't stress about switching from one brand to a more affordable one.

New clothes

Buying new clothes all the time can extend your budget way past its limits. I know you want that bag or those shoes right now but, are they really necessary?

Remember that trends easily come and go. And when that time reaches when you can afford these items, there will be newer and better versions of what you're eager to buy right now.

A great option that you can try is thrift shopping. There are still many trendy pieces that will fit right into your current budget.

 Buying new clothes all the time can extend your budget way past its limits [Courtesy]

Restaurant visits

Food is another thing that can drain your finances faster than you think. It's nice to go for lunch and dinner dates often but, not when you don't have enough money to handle that.

If you still want to meet up with your friends, you can just cook a nice meal and have fun at home. This saves you even more money because you can easily make five star meals with simple ingredients from your local grocery store.

Delivery fees

Delivery services have saved us so much stress when shopping. You can order anything you want from your couch and have it delivered right at your doorstep-but for an extra charge of course.

The plan is to save every coin so an option you can opt for is requesting for a pick up arrangement or, shop on days when there are free delivery offers.

Impulsive buys

Impulsive shopping is one of the most common weaknesses we have. There are times when we are in a spending mood, like on a night out with friends, where we end up buying that extra drink we didn't need because it's on offer.

These unnecessary costs when you add up can really veer you off track. This is something that will take time to learn but it will be totally worth it when you realize how much money you will have saved in the end.

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