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Signs you should dispose of that underwear

 This is why you need new underwear (Photo: WellAndGood)

When it comes to items such as clothes and undergarments, there isn't really a specific expiry date that we must pay attention to. Although some items can last for decades like good quality jackets, others shouldn't be worn for that long.

Innerwear for instance is one of those that need to be replaced often.

There is really no excuse to be walking around wearing stale underwear. It actually doesn't help boost your confidence because even when you look good on the outside, you know you have a bad situation going on, on the inside.

It's time to get some new panties if these five points describe some of those you're still holding onto and wearing:

It has permanent stains

It's normal to have some stains. This is natural because everyday discharge can discolour or even slightly bleach your underwear, especially the light-coloured ones.

This can also happen when you're on your period and experiencing some leakage. But if after several washes the stains still won't come out, it's time for a new one.

It has become shapeless

New panties aren't always comfortable to wear for the first couple of times. The elastic and fabric are very rigid so they might squeeze you in uncomfortable ways until they loosen up a bit.

As time goes by, the fabric becomes looser and eventually, the original shape disappears. It starts to hang in an unflattering way and even though no one can really see it, it ruins your look.

If you've been holding on to that one shapeless Victoria's Secret panty you bought ten years ago, this is your sign to throw it away.

 If they have permanent stains and holes, let them go (Photo: 7News)
The stitches are unwinding

This is another easy way to know that your panty is in an embarrassing s state. Some low-quality panties won't have stitches that are properly secured but in this case, we are talking about the ones that have just been worn too many times.

This type of underwear can humiliate you because imagine walking unknowingly with a long thread hanging from your trouser or skirt. At this point, your panty is literally falling apart and you need a replacement ASAP.

It's faded

There is nothing sexy about a faded brief. Yes, you loved the rich colour it had at the beginning but right now that's all washed away.

If you want to preserve the colour longer, next time, don't wash them in hot water. This can cause the colours to bleed more quickly so try and stick to warm water.

It has holes in it

This one is a direct indication that your underwear has expired. The holes should already tell you that your undies have worked tirelessly for so long and now they need their retirement package right away.

Don't be caught slipping with torn underwear or even one that you tried to stitch up discreetly. Start making plans for a new one because that one is now too old.

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