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Confessions: My wife baby-trapped me and I don't know if I'll ever trust her again

 The man feels betrayed (Photo: Shutterstock)

When it comes to relationships, every couple has their own opinions on how many children is the right amount for them.

One man thought he and his wife were on the same page when it came to their family.

However, he recently discovered that his wife had changed her mind about the number of kids she wanted and had gone behind his back to make her wish come true.

In a shocking post on Reddit's Relationship Advice forum, the unnamed husband claimed he'd been "baby-trapped" and his partner had gotten pregnant with their third child in secret, against his will.

The 34-year-old explained how he'd only ever wanted one child, but his wife, who was an only child, had stressed the need for their daughter to have a sibling.

So they'd agreed they would just have two children, so they could still have enough money to go on holidays and treat themselves occasionally.

 (Photo: Shutterstock)

However, after their second child, a little boy, turned one, he says his wife confessed that she actually wanted to have four children and thought they should try for another one.

He shut down the idea and they had an argument, which ended with them not speaking for a few days.

Eventually they made up and had sex - and unbeknown to him, a third child was concieved.

He explained: "I came home from work one day, while the kids were at their grandparents. My wife had a huge smile on her face and she sat me down and showed me a positive pregnancy test, literally dancing in joy.

"My wife noticed a less-than-happy expression on my face and started screaming at me. She berated me for not being supportive and this was a 'miracle from God' and I should be grateful. I said I was sorry and hugged her and said I was super excited for the baby."

However as his wife started telling other people the good news, he began to get suspicious, that it all seemed too thought-out - as if she'd been planning a pregnancy for a while.

So he decided to do some digging.

"When she was asleep, I took the condoms out of the cupboard and ran them under water. Holes.

"I nabbed her phone and saw she'd set a password. That was odd. Nevertheless, my wife has a terrible memory so I tried her birthday and it opened. Further up were texts with her best friend of my wife complaining how I wouldn't come around. Her best friend suggested 'arrange an accident' with a winky face. My wife agreed and said she was going to come off of birth control.

"I woke her up immediately and asked her if this had really been a 'miracle'? She got that deer-in-headlights look and burst into tears."

 She'd stopped taking birth control (Photo: Shutterstock)

He claims they argued about the situation, with his wife saying it was her choice whether or not she took birth control and that if he really didn't want more kids, he should have had a vasectomy.

The fight resulted in the wife being kicked out of the house, going to stay with her parents.

But due to the pandemic, the man says his wife had to come home so she wouldn't be separated from the children for a long period of time.

He adds: "What do I do? Staying home with her is bad enough and I don't know if I should leave her over this. I don't trust her anymore. She entirely betrayed it. I'm angry. But I have another child on the way."

The post quickly went viral on Reddit, with over 1,000 people commenting.

One fellow user said: "This is a huge betrayal by your wife and honestly, could’ve be a deal breaker leading to divorce. Having a child is a big emotional, physical, and financial decision that should involve two partners. She’s selfish, entitled, and manipulative."

Another wrote: "It’d be a 100% deal breaker for me. The lying, the manipulation, and leveraging your kids. No going back from that."

A third replied: "This is a form of abuse. Speak with a lawyer, get a therapist. This is NOT okay!"

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