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Tips to make this Father’s Day special for your husband

 You can still make this day special even when staying indoors (Shutterstock)

Father’s day is fast approaching and you are probably worried sick on what to get your better half this Sunday, considering the social distancing situation.

With everyone forced to change their lifestyle, most special holidays are going through a strain with the days being spent indoors.

Although you cannot take your husband to that special getaway you had planned, or take him out to a fancy restaurant, you can still make this day special even when staying indoors.

First remember this about him and think of some of the things he loves doing. Here are some gift ideas and creative ways you can consider this Father’s day:

Buy him a gift online

It could be a jacket, wallet, shirt, shoes or a new pair of cufflinks, a bicycle, just get him something new.

Everyone likes to be spoilt once in a while if not all the time. Explore your options online, there are currently great offers and gift hampers tailored for this holiday.

The easiest way to know what he might be in need of is by thinking of what he constantly complains about or talks a lot about.

The best part is you don’t even have to leave the house because the gift will be delivered at your doorstep.

Cook his favourite meal

They say the key to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Why not jump on the bandwagon and whip up his favourite meal?

Restaurants and malls may be risky to visit, but grocery stores are open every day.  Make this day special by preparing something special. Even better, you can actually try out a new recipe. It might be time to spice meals up a little.

Another option that could complement your meal is baking or ordering a cake. It might seem cliché but a cake plays a big role in marking special occasions.

 Get him something new, everyone likes to be spoilt once in a while (Shutterstock)

Incorporate the kids

It shouldn’t be hard to involve children in your preparations, after all they are the reason why you are celebrating this holiday.

You can round them up and ask them to make homemade cards and ask them to each write something special about their father. Everyone loves to be buttered up.

Or alternatively, you can go down memory lane by making a video of his parenting journey. And concluding with the children saying how much they love him at the end.

Get his favourite drink

This is especially to those who take alcohol. It would actually be a nice gesture if you can select and buy him one of his favourite drinks.

It could be a bottle of wine or whiskey, show your prowess in the area and let him know you ‘know’ his stuff.

If you don’t like him drinking, just let this one go for once. It is his special day and it is frustrating enough that he has to stay indoors.

Go for a drive and picnic together

Who said you have to be cosy in a restaurant to enjoy a meal outside the house? This Father’s day could actually be the breather you need.

Plan early on the foods you will want to carry for the drive or road trip, start early and find a nice clear field where you can have your picnic comfortably.

Remember to have fun and take photos to keep the memories alive.

Get your freak on

When all is lost and you have nothing in mind for this Father’s day. You can spice things up in the bedroom. Get a new lingerie, buy some scented candles, put some make up on and give him a show he will never forget.

It is the small things that really counts when it comes to true happiness. 

What is worse: a fake smile or a grumpy face?

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